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Nine Months

Well, here we are at nine months. Landon is doing well. He had his nine month check-up and he is 21 pounds and about 30 inches tall. He just doesn't stop growing. We are all just having the best time together. Landon is really starting to show is sense of humor and character and it's one that we are just so in love with. He talks alot (though we aren't quite sure what he is saying) his eyes and eyebrows tell us how important everything is. He has been trying to say "more" when he is eating, which he loves to do. He can make a "muh" sound and points. He pretty much eats what we do, with in reason of a few things that he is too young to have. This makes it nice because we can all three eat dinner together. Landon has become pretty good at feeding himself. Now,when I say feed himself I don't mean that he starts with his salad fork and works his way in toward the plate; he uses only his fingers and if what's on his plate is REALLY good, possibly a h…