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Mobley Blurb

Me: "Alexa, you need to stop telling people to 'go away' and 'you stink'. Do you hear me? That is not nice!"

Landon: "Yeah, Alexa. You should only say, 'you can stay' and 'you smell nice and clean'."

Happy 5th Birthday Landon!

What a blessing you are to our family. We love you so much and are so proud of the young man that you are becoming. Have a wonderful birthday buddy!

A fair warning...

After fixing Alexa's hair into a pony tail this morning we walk into the living room and I begin to tie Landon's shoes so we can be on our way to school.

Landon: "Mom. You know you shouldn't fix her hair like that."
Me: "And why is that?"
Landon: "Because it makes her sassy."
Me: "What about her hair makes her sassy?"
Landon: "When you fix her hair in a pony tail, it makes her sassy. At least you didn't put it into TWO pony tails because that makes her EXTRA sassy!"
Me: "Good to know Landon, good to know."

Mobley Blurbs

Have a few funny stories that need to be shared:

Dear Alexa loves to sneek into my shoe bin in our closet and wear my most fancy high heel shoes. I have a pair of black high heel shoes that often make their way out. One morning, things were going a bit rough as everyone needed something and thought that in order to get their "something" they needed to whine. Alexa could only find one of the black high heel shoes and wanted to know where the other one was. She was getting louder and more whiny and I'd had enough. I looked in the bin, found the other shoe and said, "HERE! Here is the other stink'n shoe!"
Later that afternoon, Alexa kept asking me where her "stinky shoes" were. I thought she might be looking for her tennis shoes because they do really stink. But then I realized she would have asked for her tennis shoes because that's what she calls them, her tennis shoes. "Where are my stinky shoes mom!"
It then dawned on me what s…


Happy five months to our Quin! Here is a picture of all three kids at five months old. We get comments all the time about how much Quin looks like Landon, BUT I have to say, side by side...each kid has their own look. What do you think?