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Things are going pretty good around here. Quin is EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING! Landon seems to be happy these days and that's all I can wish for, for him. We have rough days, but the good outweigh those 100%! Alexa is our entertainer and quite the Diva lately and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Landon and Quin have become buddies and Quin loves to try and rough house with his big brother. Yet he is constantly trying to get Alexa's attention. Maybe he's testing her and giving her a run for her money. Here are some pictures and a couple videos of our crazy family. Enjoy!

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THE GIRL: (She is reading to Quin...don't mind the "bathroom talk". She lives in a house full of boys)
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Updates and pic

Quin had his NINE MONTH well check today! Is that possible? That means that in three short months, our Quiny will be ONE YEAR OLD!!!! I just can not even believe it. It's the last time that we will celebrate a first birthday in our family. That hits me really hard, but in life, there are firsts and there are lasts. But the lasts, when it comes to our kids, are the hardest for me. If you haven't read this book, I encourage you to read it, especially if you are a parent. Karen Kingsbury has a book called, "Let Me Hold You Longer".

Quin is by far the most average kiddo out of the three kids.
His stats were:
Height: 28.25 inches (50%)
Weight: 19 lbs 14 oz (25%)

Landon at 9 months was 22 pounds and 29.5 inches
Alexa at 9 months was 18 pounds and 28 inches

I always enjoy comparing their stats as they grow. Quin is still just has happy as ever!
(I'm pretty sure any pictures of Quin, from here on out, are gonna be blurry. The kids NEVER stops moving!)

Friday after MOPS, I let th…

Alexa Video...must see!

This girl sings ALL THE TIME! Here is the video (it's funnier if you watch it a few times in a row).
Don't mind her skirt, all she needs is a fanny pack to complete the look.
The lyrics are available below the video if after viewing a few times, you'd like to sing along.
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"I need a stamp" "You need a stamp" "oh what a stamp". "no whaty stamp" "no whaty stamp" "whole whaty stamp" "whole whaty stamp" " turn around and nod" "Han-no-ne-nah" "turn around and nod" "turny-nod to me".
I stopped translating after this because...let's face it, I have absolutely NO IDEA what she is singing about.