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Playing Catch Up

I have been having a HORRIBLE time uploading pictures here on blogger. So much so, that I just might have to move to another blog spot. is a montage of pictures from the last time I posted to now. I know some of you can't view this video site at work and I'm sorry:( enjoy! The next time I post will be for Alexa's 4th birthday! Make a video - it's fun, easy and free!

A New Year!

I am in the process of uploading LOTS of updates and pictures about the family as it's true, I have fallen behind. But I thought I might share something that I previously have shared with my MOPs group, as I write the newsletters and often share personal stories. I haven't shared this particular story with many people outside of my MOPs group. It's a story that has reminded me as this new year begins, that there is HOPE in things that bring us challenges. There is HOPE in fear, hurt, relationships, as well as those near and dear to your hearts. Some of you may already know the struggle we had a little over a year ago with our oldest son, Landon. He was facing some challenges that neither Chris nor I could help him with and it broke out hearts. You wouldn't know it now, because he has come full circle and we have ALL learned so much. This is a true story and as I rewrite it, I hope that I too can be reminded of how I can not take life or the people in it, for granted.…