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Chatty Kathy(s)

There is no question that my Landon is a chatty kathy. The kid can talk 'til the sun comes up....and then goes down again....and then rises. But there is also no question that often within those moments of endless conversation, the kid makes me laugh. The other day, we went on a walk and he found a very nice walking stick. When we reached our driveway, he was trying to reach the tallest branch on our tree in the front yard. When he did what it was that he was trying to do, I hear him say, "huh. pretty impressive". Last night after I put Landon in bed, I ate my dinner which happened to be a baked potato. Landon began calling for me and so I went into his room to see what it was he needed. I squat down next to him on his bed and he plugs his nose. I asked what he was doing and he informed me that, "your breath stinks real bad!" I couldn't do anything but laugh. Needless to say, we both were laughing so much that bedtime was delayed because it then took him a …
We sure have been enjoying this weather and I have some pictures to show just that. There are also somce pics of the kids enjoying each other's company as they watch the very popular "Hi-5".

I also have a couple videos of the moves my little mobleys have. Both Landon and Alexa LOVE to dance. Perhaps that's because Chris and I as well LOVE to dance. I have Pandora application on my iphone and I found a way to plug it into the car and I found some speakers to plug it into so we can listen to it whenever we want. They have a great kids radio station that we have grown fond of. Alexa LOVES to dance as you can see...and Landon too! Enjoy!
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Things happening quickly.....

Well, things are happening quickly before our eyes. The very Saturday that Chris drove Lily to meet my Dad in Kansas we had a showing on the condo and.....they made an offer the following Wednesday and....we counter offered and.....They accepted. So....We are quickly moving along in the process. The buyer wants posession on the condo the day of closing which means we need to find a house in the next oh....THREE WEEKS! Chris and I house hunted last weekend with NO luck at all. But we are looking again on Saturday. We have the buyers inspection this afternoon, during the kids nap nonetheless, and I am really nervous. I am writing this to please ask for prayers and positive thoughts that the inspection goes well. I just want out of this condo and moved to Bloomington so we can all be together as a family on a daily basis:) Hope this finds you enjoying this nice spring weather.


Today, Chris met my Dad in Kansas which is the halfway point to Colorado which is where Lily will be staying. Soon after we thought we made arrangements to have Lily stay with another family, my Dad called and offered for Lily to stay with them so that she could stay in the family. My sisters of course are pretty happy about that since they've been begging my Dad for a dog since...well, forever. Although this is bittersweet, we know it's the right thing to do...for now. I took Lily to get groomed yesterday which just so happens to take place at her veterinarian's office. I told them what was going on and asked if there was anything I could give her for the almost 20 hours she would be in the car. They prescribed her one whole pill that she was to be given in two halves for a whopping $15.00. I was shocked, but knew that even though expensive, it would be worth if for her to be comfortable. 20 hours in a car is HELL for Lily. I talked to Chris on the phone about half way th…

beautiful day

today was such a pretty day and after the kids took their nap, we went to my mom's to play on her playground. the kids however played mostly in the sandbox. this was Alexa's first time playing in the sand and she loved it! i took some pictures of them with my phone since I still need to find my charger they are. Enjoy! I even got Alexa to say "cheese" for the camera. You can pretty much tell which picture she is saying it.

Easter Weekend

Well, I hate to admit that I didn't get any pictures. The only pictures I got were from Mark's camera. I know, I'm sorry. My camera battery needs to be charged, but I can't find the charger anywhere. Come to think of it, I can't find Chris' car keys still either. Guess I should have a hunt of my own and look for these things. We did however have an Easter Egg hunt at my mom's on Saturday and the kids got lots of goodies. We went to Church Sunday morning, except I sang during worship with the worship team so I didn't spend too much time with Chris and the kids, but I did peek in their classes at church to see how stink'n cute they looked in their Easter clothes. After church, we went to Mark's mom's house and ate lunch and the kids had another easter egg hunt and had a blast. Alexa's favorite part, climbing the concrete steps over, and over, and over. Hope everyone ejoyed their weekend. We did. Oh and Landon's eye looks amazing! Thank…

winding down

(Disclaimer: sorry if this bores you, this is mostly for my family that lives out of town. enjoy otherwise.)
well. chris and I are winding down, but landon has other ideas. he has been a ball of fire since we got home but mostly since he took his nap. I don't know if it was because we were so restricted at the hospital since he really could only be in his room or if he is just excited to be home. I think it might be a combination of both. He has SO much energy and I....have none. The kid never stops amazing me. He slept maybe three or four hours last night. we had a couple midnight walks around his floor. he listened to meditation music to fall back to sleep. and the kid still got up at his normal time of 6:26 a.m. The doctor came and saw him around 10:00 and was on the fence about keeping him another night or sending home on oral meds. I am a little nervous because there is a high chance that he will have a reaction to one of the medicines he is on but we won't know until abou…


Well.... We are exhausted.....but....... We.are. Home! I will update tonight as I am exhausted and feel terrible because I seem to have caught a cold during our stay at the hospital. Landon is doing well and is napping as we speak. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement.

landon update...

well, for those of you who don't know already, we are at the hospital with landon. yesterday when he got up from his nap, he had a rash. Thinkng it was a reaction to the antibiotics from the dog bite, I called the doctor and they had me come right in. I mentioned to them on the phone that his eye looked infected a bit. When we got there, they let me know that I was NOT overreacting and that it indeed was infected. She instantly told me that he needed to be taken to the hospital. So...that is where we are. We were admitted last night around 5:30 and we are going to be here for at least two days. The plan is, to have him on I.V. antinbiotics since the ones his doctor prescribed didn't work. The I.V. insertion was HORRIBLE and something I hope we don't have to again while we are here. They had to wrap him in a straight jacket like contraption to ensure he didn't move while they found a vein to poke. The only problem is that they started in his right hand, collapsed a vein…