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Happy Anniversary!

Eleven years ago this year,I walked into my highschool Physics class and sat in front of a very good looking young man who just so happened to be Christopher Mobley. Five years ago today, I married him. When I think back to when Chris and I just met, I think of Friday night football games. I was in the colorguard and we did the halftime shows during football season. Christopher would meet me at the chain-length fence that entered into the field, where the band would sit. He would walk with me during my ten minute break and walk me back. He was such a gentlemen and treats me just as he did eleven years ago. There aren't many people in this world that can claim to be highschool sweethearts, and for that we are very proud. We've been through so much over the years and I wouldn't change anything. July 31, 2004 was one of the best days of my life. It was the beginning of our life as a couple and a family that soon followed. I couldn't be more blessed with where my life is r…

swarm of ducks

so, we have recently discovered that Clarion West is THE best place to feed ducks! We went down to the pond once, while visiting June, and found there are SEVERAL ducks there ready and willing to indulge themselves with whatever it is that you might bring them. We remembered this and went on Monday to feed the ducks after I picked Landon up from school. I often have to sort of bribe Landon with something fun that we might do after I pick him up from school to steer away from any tantrum throwing as I drop him off at school. This was one of those days and I find it harmless treating him to something as simple as feeding the ducks. I told him that when I picked him up from school, I would have some hamburger buns ready for him to feed the ducks. He was thrilled! When we got to the hospital, I think it took Landon a second to remember the swarm of ducks that awaited us. When Madison was visiting with us, we fed them as well and we counted 44 ducks. This time, I think there were even more…

Summer Fun!

I just can't believe how fast this summer has gone by. With that, it also means that the kids are getting older way too fast! I was rocking Alexa to sleep the other night and with her peaceful lullaby music, my eyes filled with tears looking down at her realizing how quickly time flys. I am truly taking everyday in and appreciating every moment, good or bad, with the kids because I cannot get those days back, once they've past. As the summer is passing quickly, so did our visit with Madison over the last week. Landon was a bit challenging this past week, from what, I'm still trying to figure out. But we had a great time anyhow. Madison and I were able to have some good quality time together, which I don't think we've ever had before. This was also Madison's first time away from Dad and Liz for as long as she was. I did get some more pictures of the week, but not too many. We kind of just hung out and went to a couple parks, and on Thursday, and on Saturday, we …

Our weekend

This past weekend was nice and relaxing for the most part. Saturday morning, we met my brother and Isabelle at the Wayne Township Fire Department to look at old antique fire trucks. It was really cool to see so many old trucks. We even saw a wheel that was once used to hold the fire hose dated from 1880. There were so many fire trucks and Landon had a great time looking at them all. It was VERY difficult for him to keep his hands off and not climb on them, but I think he really enjoyed it.

Later Saturday, I went to the airport and picked up my little sister Madison to spend the week with us. Madison is a bit more photogenic than Conner is. Conner would kill me if I put any pictures of her up here, but Maddie is another story! So, here are some from our visit with her already. Some from the park and some of Madison and I sneaking in a Smore while Landon was taking a nap...sorry Landon:)

Will post again this week I'm sure. Until then, enjoy your week!
Chris got home on Wednesday and there was a certain little boy that was SO excited about that. He hasn't stopped talking about Chris since then and all the things they can do together. It's been a real adjustment period for Landon having Chris travel so much, but this week has been pretty good. Landon, Alexa and I went to the zoo with my sister-in-law Jessica and her beautiful daughter Miss Sabrina. Landon and Sabrina really enjoyed each other's company and we are looking forward to spending more time with them very soon.
Alexa has been doing very well with eating. She loves oatmeal, peaches, pears, sweet peas and sweet potatoes. It's amazing that she is already at the age Landon was when I started blogging. If you've been following us since then, you will remember one of the first posts I did was a video of Landon eating sweet peas. His experience with food wasn't quite as enjoyable as Alexa's has been. In honor of the topic, I am going to repost the hilari…
most days, I wake up tired.
some days I don't get a shower until after my kids go to bed at night.
most days there are dishes in the sink or trash that could be taken out.
some days, the dog's water dish doesn't get filled.
most days my hair doesn't meet the brush.
most days, there's nothing a little lipgloss and mascara can't fix.
some days, I have no patience.......
some days I have guilt that i'm not handling his tantrums as I should.

everyday I know my kids know they are loved.
everyday I am thankful for both my precious kids.
everyday I breath for my kids and christopher.
everyday I wouldn't change anything about that day.

i've noticed lately, to some, my life seems like a life that wouldn't be wished upon. this is the life of a mother: fussy kids, temper tantrums, very loud singing from my two-year-old, a messy house, no naptime for mommy, lots of laundry. seeing that having kids changes everything, including the size of your clothes and possibly yo…