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musical moments

Lately, I have been singing "The Itsie Bitsie Spider" to Alexa and it is so funny how much she loves that song. I can sing "The Wheels on the Bus" or "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". Nothing compares to her reaction to a silly spider song. So much in fact, that I caught what looks like her attempt at the action part of the song on video. If you listen closely, you can even hear her, for a second, sort of sing. So sweet. She does the motions everytime after I sing the song.
Landon is very musical as well. There is a "Nickel Creek" song that he just loves and that is requested EVERY time we are in the car. It's about a fox that goes out in the night to a farmer's house to catch one of his geese for his children to eat...i know it sounds horrible, but it's a folk song. The other day, as best he could, was trying to describe the song and finally called it "the song on the way to Emily's house" because that's what we list…

WARNING: Patience being tested!

So...October second, I will be traveling with my sister Janelle and the kids to Colorado to visit with my family. This is something that we are all looking very forward to. Landon is especially excited because of the form of transportation we are AIRPLANE. Landon has flown before when we went to Aruba in 2007 with June and Mark, but he was just over a year old. This time is much different and he is VERY excited. I'm not worried about flying with him, but I am a bit with Alexa. I can't worry about things that haven't happened yet. I realize that it would probably be a good idea to find the kids birth certificates. I knew that I hadn't even filed for Alexa since she was born and I had looked for about two weeks for Landon's. I know his is in the house somewhere, but I seriously can't find it anywhere. So, I decide since I have less than two weeks until we travel, sending off for them in the mail wouldn't work because I would for sure not get them …

funny moments

I know I've posted twice already this week, but I had to post this. Lastnight, Landon prayed all by himself. We usually have a routine prayer we do thanking God for all the members of our family (extended family). Lastnight, Landon took the lead and this is what he prayed:

"Dear God,
Thank you for beds, for Janelle, for mamaw, for eyes, for mouths, for heads, for the mouse in grandma’s house to get out of her house and she will be happy. Thank you for Janelle, thank you for fans and doors and ceilings and walls. Thank you for lightning and rain. Amen."

Oh the things that run through his mind. Love him!

growing up

there has been lots of growing up around our house this past week or so. ms. alexa had a tooth break through and another almost through. she also has discovered how to get up to her kneew and is able to rock a few times before falling. she gets right back up and tries again. after while, she gets fussy, but still gets right back up and practices. wonder if that's part of the personality she will have. she is so funny and i love watching the little person she is becoming. she loves to entertain and will do something over and over if it makes you laugh or smile.

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landon has been growing up in the sense that, he is becoming more creative in ways to get out of bed at night. just lastnight, he got up several times before he finally settled down. let me set the scene for you: As I think both kids are asleep for the night, before eight o'clock, which is pretty darn good, i decide to relax and give myself a pedicure and watch a little t.v.…

Happy Birthday Sabrina!

One year ago tomorrow we were blessed with our beautiful niece Sabrina and over the weekend were able to celebrate her first year. She is such a sweet little girl and we love her very much. Happy, Happy Birthday Sabrina. We love you.

some pics

don't have a whole lot to report on but i do have some pics. chris and i have started house hunting as we are beginning to feel a bit cramped in the condo. we looked at a house last night but decided, it just wasn't for us, but it was a good place to start. are some pictures of Alexa. The one with a messy purple face is of her eating some fresh blueberries...she wasn't a huge fan.

next are some pictures and a video of landon attempting to finish up after going number two. this is what happened.

Here is the video

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