WARNING: Patience being tested!

So...October second, I will be traveling with my sister Janelle and the kids to Colorado to visit with my family. This is something that we are all looking very forward to. Landon is especially excited because of the form of transportation we are taking...an AIRPLANE. Landon has flown before when we went to Aruba in 2007 with June and Mark, but he was just over a year old. This time is much different and he is VERY excited. I'm not worried about flying with him, but I am a bit with Alexa. I can't worry about things that haven't happened yet. I realize that it would probably be a good idea to find the kids birth certificates. I knew that I hadn't even filed for Alexa since she was born and I had looked for about two weeks for Landon's. I know his is in the house somewhere, but I seriously can't find it anywhere. So, I decide since I have less than two weeks until we travel, sending off for them in the mail wouldn't work because I would for sure not get them in time, with my luck. So, I decided to research and figure out where it is that I am to get copies. I get online and find the Marion County Health Department and plug it into the road guidance in my car. It takes me there...very well actually. I just didn't realize it was clear past the State Fair Grounds in the GHETTO! I walk into the office, where the line is out the door. After about 15 minutes, I am told that I am at the wrong office, that since the kids were born in Allen County, I have to go to the downtown office which is the Indiana State Health Department. Lovely. It's 10:00 and I had been on my adventure for about an hour now and realize that Landon has to be picked up clear out in Avon by noon. I prayed this would all work out. I drive to the downtown department, can't find it, so I call Mark and I find out where it is which requires me to park in a parking garage. One problem, I don't have any cash. I park and the plan is to meet Mark at the corner and he will bring me some cash. I then realize and remember that it's RAINING outside, I have no umbrella and I DO NOT have a stroller. So, I walk about a block or so holding Alexa's carseat on my arm and dodging water puddles and trying to keep her dry. It's now 11:00 and I finally meet up with Mark who kindly gives me cash for the parking garage. I make it to the office and fill out all the required paperwork. She tells me, "that will be ten dollars". Alright, let me just pull out my MasterCard (which I called this morning before I left to make sure they accepted MasterCard) and she tells me, "Oh, I'm sorry. Our machine is down". Remember, I don't have any cash and my checkbook you ask...nope don't have it. With smoke coming out of my ears, I kindly say, "alright. well, I guess I will just have to come back later." I walk back to the parking garage, it's now really raining hard, get in my car and drive to Avon to pick up Landon. I turn back around, stop by the house to get some cash, and drive back downtown. Did I mention that it was raining and everytime I get out of my car the rain picks up and everytime I get in the car, the clouds seperate and the sun shines down...just wanted to mention that. We make it back downtown, park at the garage and make it to the office. Alright, I sit down, take a deep breath. They call my name and tell me the birth certificates are finished and to look over them. "oops, you have Alexa's birth date as the 12th of February, it's actually the 11th." She tells me, "well the hospital has it recorded as the 12th." "okay, well she was born on the 11th." (like I wouldn't know what day my daughter was born on and of course the hospital would be correct over her OWN MOTHER!) She tells me that I will have to wait and talk to the "corrections" person and she will take care of it. We sit back down and wait to be called. We are called back to the office and this nice lady asks me if I have her shot records with me. Why of course I do, because I ALWAYS CARRY MY KIDS SHOT RECORDS WITH ME!!!!!! "No, I'm sorry I don't have her shot records, but I do have her social security card with me, will that help". I pull it out to see that her birthdate on her card says FEBRUARY 17, 2009. Now, I begin to question what day my dear daughter was born. I did give birth to her after all. "lovely. Her social security card says the 17th". She tells me that I will have to come back at another time and fill out some paperwork to appeal her birthdate on her certificate in order to make the changes and to bring back her shot records. We make our way back outside to walk back to the parking garage. I am SO done with this whole thing. I carry Alexa and just watch my son jump in every water puddle in his sight with his brand new tennis shoes on and say nothing, do nothing, just think, "you can make it to the car. you will make it to the car". We do, and we survived and boy was our patience tested! I went today to get it all taken care of and it was and I have both the kids birth certificates and i am going to have them gold plated and hung on our wall in the living room. (not really, but I will NOT lose them again). At least for a very long time. Now, I just have to make my way to the social security office to have her birthdate changed on that now. Until then, not going to worry about it. Just hope when I get to the airport, I have everything I need to prove the kids age.
Another quick story that I just witnessed while typing this.
I look over my shoulder to check on the kids who are playing together on the floor and this is what I see and say.
My eyes grow big...
Landon:"mommy, I'm hanging Alexa upside over".
He is holding Alexa by her legs and dangling her upside down as her face is turning bright red.
Me:"Landon! Don't you ever do that again! You could really hurt her. Do you understand me?"
Landon:"Yeah. I just did it because, she let me."

Man oh man! I have had quite the week and it's only Tuesday. I will be gone on a MOPS retreat Thursday thru Sunday, so Chris is holding the fort ALL BY HIMSELF! Check in on him if you dare!
Until next time!


Oh Jennifer! You have made me laugh OUT LOUD!!!! The joys of raising our sweet babies! :) I hope you have a fabulous trip to Colorado! Alexa will do just fine! Feed her on the way up and feed her on the way down and if she's eating any little snacks yet, have plenty on hand! xoxo

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