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More pictures...

Quin took his first wagon ride this week and loved it(with the help of Landon who was home from school recovering from the stomach flu).
Our Quiny is such a mellow kid and really takes everything in all the time.

Landon and Quin also had some quality time together while Landon was home Wednesday. It's funny how early some "things" start. Quin is becoming less and less interested in his toys and more interested in what Landon is doing or playing with. This particular day, the entire living room was full of every dumped out bin of Quin's toys, yet he only wanted to play Legos (Fisher Price Trio's) with Landon. If he's not interested in playing with Landon's toys, he's interested in climbing on him and "wrestling" him, which Landon loves:)

Finally, Alexa started her very first dance class today at the YMCA called "creative dance". On the way there and into the building she kept telling me, "mommy. I'm excited for my dance clas…


We've had our share of illness here in the Mobley house, despite obsessive hand washing and blankie washing and toy spraying never ends! BUT we have taken the good days and spent them outside or playing inside and enjoying the sunshine through the windows.
Everyone is doing pretty well.

Quin is crawling, finally. I have been waiting for this for a while because it would just make my life a little was easier for him to crawl and find me than for me to carry him around everywhere. He sure is exploring and I love it! We have been battling fluid on his ears, egg allergy and a intolerance to an ingredient in something that we have given to him...I am 90% sure it's something to do with Wheat or oats. But I have to say, he couldn't be happier despite his many trips to the doctor and discomfort from these minor annoyances.

Alexa turned three years old on February 11th. I can't believe she is three, on one hand. Yet on the other, it seems like she's older than thre…