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Chicago and Wisconsin Trip

We made plans a while back and decided that we needed to go on a much needed family trip. I had originally wanted to go to Michigan as I had heard so many great things, but we decided on two other places to visit; Chicago and Wisconsin. Chicago, because Chris had just been there on travels and thought it might be fun to stop by there for a day before heading to Wisconsin where we have some great college friends that we hadn't seen since we got married 8 years ago!! Way too long ago to not see the Hovestol family! We headed out of Bloomington on Thursday and drove to Chicago. The kids did a pretty good job and we go right into town and into our very NICE hotel. The Waldorf Astoria As soon as we got there, we had to check the entire Suite out and make sure everything looked and worked to our standards... We didn't do a whole lot while in Chicago. A lot of walking a ton of worrying by me, the mother as I found myself constantly being frantic as Cabs do not care whether t…