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Easter Fevers

Well...we had planned on going to Indianapolis for Easter but didn't make it. After Landon's haircut on Thursday, he just wasn't himself and we knew it wasn't the new "do". We ran a few errands and I sat in the back with him because he was really unhappy. I placed my head on his forehead and thought he felt warm. We got home and had a fever of 102.5. We gave him some Tylenol, but just couldn't get it past 102. It got up to 104.8 on Thurday evening and called a helpline through St. Vincent's and they gave us some advice. We dealt with this up and down fever ranging from 102 to 105.1 Thursday, Friday and then Saturday morning called his doctor and got an appointment that morning. It was packed...something was going around. She checked him out and he was given a throat culture (spell?)to rule out Strep Throat. It was decided after a negative strep test that he just has viral pheringitis. And as well all know, viral means there is nothing that can be done…

First Haircut




Okay, okay, okay. So, I know Landon doesn't have all that much hair and to most of you, you probably won't even notice a difference, but Chris and I do. We decided to take Landon to get his first haircut. His hair was getting a little ratty and fuzzy in the back and we thought it was time to get a haircut. We went off to "Big League Barber" here in Fort Wayne. Unfortunaley, there aren't any "kiddie" places that I could find for him to get his haircut. So we went where Chris goes when he doesn't get his haircut in Indianapolis. It's a barber shop that is created for guys who like sports, and if you know Chris, then it fits him perfectly. We walk in and Landon is pleased to see things that he recognizes...balls. Basketballs, baseballs, baseball bats, soccer balls, pictures of people playing sports. They even have several T.V.'s with ESPN on all of them. We walk back to the big …

Silly Glasses and Dishwashing

It's finally March, which means it's almost Spring. Something us Mobley's are looking VERY forward to. We want to see some blue in the sky and I am ready to take Landon outside and let him run around and get some fresh air. Speaking of Landon. I knew the day would come. I always feared the day when my child would have a true "tummy ache". The day arrived. Either he had some sort of food poisoning or something else is wrong with him. It's not the flu. He was sick all night Friday night...and I mean all night and about every 15 to 30 minutes for about three hours. We called the doctor and they just told us to keep him hydrated...and we did. Saturday he got sick twice and Sunday he didn't get sick at all. Then early Monday morning he got sick and again after lunch. He has been REALLy tired, taking at least four hours in naps total throughout the day...he normally takes one, one hour nap a day. We followed all the instructions from the doctor and we called ag…