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Today was his two week well check, even though he is really three weeks today. His stats were good and he is very healthy!
His weight: 8 lbs. 13 oz. (which is two pounds up from when we left the hospital).
His height: 21 3/4 inches (which is a quarter of an inch longer than at birth).

He is such a "chill" baby. He just loves to look around now that his eye sight is a bit more controlled. He truly only cries when he needs his diaper changed, fed, or when he's falling asleep. He LOVES to have someone near him at all times and LOVES to have someone talk to him. From the beginning of week two, he really got into the routine of eating and falling back asleep during the night hours. He still takes a few, long naps during the day, which gives me time to spend with the older two kiddos. He is such a sweet baby and by far the easiest so far our of the three! I am blessed with that. As for what the toddler years will bring....I don't have to worry about that now because h…

translation please....

don't get me wrong, Alexa talks very well. but when that girl is on the "phone" all translation is lost.
We have some friends, The Pollverini's and Pete is good friends with Chris and the kids LOVE him. Here Alexa is having an important conversation with Pete and the only words I understood in the whole conversation were "you're funny Pete" at the very end of the video. Too Funny! Love this little girl and all her SASS!!!!
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Quinton Everett Mobley

Quinton Everett Mobley
Born Wednesday June 1,2011
Weight: 7lbs 6oz
Height: 20.5 inches

Chris picked Quinton and it fits him perfectly. We couldn't be happier.
Everett is after Chris' stepmom June Evelyn who passed away too soon. She was a very special person and we love that she can live on in Quinton.

We couldn't be more proud to welcome this 'lil guy into our family. I bet you can't tell who is the most proud by the pictures. Enjoy!
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First day of preschool and....

having a baby!
Today marks the day of induction and we are in full swing. My mom and I arrived early this morning and I've been hooked up to my I.V. for about two hours and I'M FEEL'N IT!

While my mom and I checked in and got the induction started, Chris took Landon and Alexa to school. Today is Alexa's first day of preschool and Landon's first day with a new teacher for the summer. Lots of transitions for the day. We only told Landon that his little brother MIGHT come today because I didn't want the drop off at school to be horrible. So, he will be very surprised after school to find out that he indeed will make his appearance.

heres a picture of Alexa before school this morning. They did pretty well and Chris called to check on Alexa and they said she had a teary morning but was doing well.

Here we are before things get crazy. Probably won't post again until later tonight.
3 cm and feel'n the pain!!!!