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We've had some excitement these past few days. Landon has been sick and we took him to immediate care on Sunday evening to find that he had pink eye, an upper respiratory infection and an ear infection. He was feeling so horrible, but is back to being Landon again. So much in fact that we had a very successful day today accident free and in underwear all day today. We even braved it and went out of the house to visit my mom at work and get some ice cream all while wearing underwear. He did great and actually asked to use the restroom at the ice cream shop. We are so proud of him. We've tried the "pull-up" thing, but in a way for Landon, I think it gives him permission to go "potty" in it instead of going on the potty chair. I know I am probably boring you, but this is VERY exciting and I am so ready and happy for this milestone. We are no where near the end, but have a great, great start:) Here are some pictures.

Playing with "baby lexa" as he cal…

updates and stats

We had a really great weekend, as I'm sure most everyone did since the weather was SO amazing! It was nice and relaxing and pleasant. Landon however, has caught something and is feeling horrible. He was in bed tonight at 5:45:( Let's see...Alexa had her two month check-up finally now that she is 10 weeks. She weighs 9 pounds and is 21.5 inches. Both stats put her in the 15th percentile which was hard to believe because all we have heard with Landon is 90th percentile. I asked the doctor if everything was alright and she said that she's just little, but she's healthy. She measured her head and checked her toes and hips and then her ears. "huh. she's got fluid on her ears." That was a surprise but explained a few extremly fussy spells this past week. Come to find out, she has an ear infection. I would have thought she was too young. What is happening is that since she has reflex, which she is on medicine for, when she has reflex, it tends to drain back into…


not too much to report on our end here. landon is doing a GREAT job with potty training and keeps a dry pull-up most days. he's only told me a handful of times that he needs to use the restroom on his own and actually gone. we are getting there and i am feeling very encouraged to keep going with it. we've made a poster with train tracks and a picture of a train. when he fills all the tracks in with stickers (the length of the poster) he is getting an Elmo kitchen. He is very excited and working very hard. Landon has also enjoyed the new swingset that my mom got for the grandkids to play on at their house. it was warm a couple days this past week, so we put it to good use. landon has also started using his lawnmower in the yard; for some reason, he calls it his sweeper. there are so many pictures but they are all good, so I had to post them. I don't have any funny stories that I can think of off the top of my head. We were watching some dogfighting (planes) on t.v. today an…

what do you think?

My father-in-law sent me a picture of Landon in an email when he was about Alexa's age. He titled the email "look-a-likes". I've heard so many different thoughts on whether the kids look a like or if they don't. I too have my days where I can see Landon and some days where Alexa is her own little person. I thought it would be fun to take a poll. It's on the right side of our blog and the picture is above. Have fun!

Chris' Cake:)

So, the kids are sick and it's been fun running between the two. I haven't had a chance to post these pictures, but they are kind of fun. No, you saw right. Chris' cake is indeed pink. Chris' isn't the biggest fan of chocolate but I didn't want to do vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. That's boring! So, we had white cake with cherry frosting. Then I thought if I had used red frosting, it might look like a valentines day cake and blue, green or black just wouldn't work either. We went with white. So, instead of it looking like a valentines day cake, it was more of a baby shower cake. Oh well. It was the thought that counted and Chris loved it. But more than that, Landon thought it was the best thing to show daddy his birthday cake when he got home from work on Monday. He was jumping up and down with pride because he helped. Landon even helped blow out the candles. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner before we had cake and we couldn't think of any …

happy birthday

Happy Birthday Chris! Today, Chris turned 28...just means I am that much closer:) We love you very much Chris and we are so proud that you are in our lives. Thank you for all you do for our family and the love that you give to each of us.
Last night, Landon and I went out to get something for Chris for his birthday. Landon and I just didn't quite know what to get Chris. We saw some pajama bottoms that he might like. Note 1: might not be a good idea to let a two-year-old pick out pajama bottoms. The first pair he points to are overwhelmed with the "guitar hero" logo all over them. I told Landon that I just didn't think that daddy would where them. He then pointed to some with "bud light" all over them. Okay, time to move onto something else. We move on to some I.U. shirts. Chris is going golfing next weekend and I found a great I.U. golf shirt and another I.U. t-shirt. (remember that for later in the blog). Note 2: keep a watchful eye on a two-year-old tryin…

8 weeks


Yesterday marked 8 weeks of our sweet Alexa's life into our family. She is so sweet and is loved very much by chris and I. But, I must say she is loved in a special way by her big brother Landon. He truly has created a special place in his heart for Alexa and if you watch him with her, it's very obvious. I know he will forever protect her and keep her safe in this crazy world of ours. Since we've moved, I've just recently found a pediatrician, so I am not up to date on all of her stats, but will post when I know. She has lost some of her hair on the back of her head with not too much to spare. She is growing so fast. I think she's had three growth spurts least I think so as I feel all I do is feed her sometimes. She has given us a few peeks at her smile which includes a great little dimple on her right cheek. I can't wait to see that smile in full form. She has started to find her voice a bit. It's so funny when she &…


Landon has been so funny lately and I could go on and on about stories and words that he has been using. One story that I can think of off the top of my head: Lately, Landon and I have been talking about driving and having a drivers license. Landon will ask if he can drive to school, or to the store or wherever it is we are headed. I tell him no he can't because he doesn't have his drivers license or no he can't because he has to be 16 and he is only two. Sunday, after church, my mom took Landon in her car and she asked him if he wanted to drive. He responded, "no. Landon no have his drivers license." Too funny. Another story: If you've been keeping up with our blogs, you will remember the Willie Nelson blog. If can read it later. Anywho...we went to a park and walked along the trail with my friend Emily and her two kids Ethan and Ella. Landon and Ella were looking at a hole in the ground where maybe a snake lived. I passed by and Landon said,"…