Thursday, July 9, 2015 we are. I was actually able to upload some pictures to start this back up and running. This here, is our awesome house that we were so very blessed to purchase from our dear family friends. Chris and I have many memories in this house before we bought it and we now are able to create new ones with our own family. We LOVE the property and the yard and the kids are having a blast, the last year, playing and running around with awesome neighbors!
Not only did we move into a new house, we also adopted this big pup, Optimus. He is so awesome and he is a wonderful addition to our family.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Been a Hot Minute!

I've said it before but nothing will even compare to the time lapse this time around. Boy, has it been a REALLY long time since my last post. I miss keeping up with this blog and I really want to try and start writing again. For now, I will update pictures of the family in hopes that I will be posting again very soon.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

House Sold...

Well, short story short...We sold the house. We put the house on the market Monday February 10th, by 5:00 that evening we got our first call for a showing the very next day. By 8:00 that evening we got a call for a second showing the following day. Tuesday, we showed the house both scheduled times and by 3:30 that afternoon I got a call that there was a realtor in our driveway wanting to show the house. In fact, they informed me that she wanted immediate access and she didn't care about the condition. I told them alright and that I needed at least a couple minutes to get my kids in the car. I figured, the house was already clean from the other two showings, what could it hurt. We frantically got in the car and waived to the realtor as we passed them. That evening I got a request to show the house for a second showing the following day Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon following the showing, we received and offer on the house! Less than 48 hours on the market and we got an offer on our house! We counter offered. Before we got a response from the counter offer, we got a request for a second showing for that Friday. They were informed that we had an offer on the house. Next thing I know, our realtor is calling us informing us that we now have a second offer on the table and it was for more than list price! We pulled our counter offer off the table and accepted the second offer. We just couldn't pass up the opportunity and it turned out to be a blessing for us. We just couldn't believe all the activity on the house. We then had a showing on Thursday and two scheduled for Saturday. The market in Bloomington, and other cities as I understand, is a sellers market. There just aren't many houses for sale right now in the price range that we were selling our house. So, what was happening was the same people were all looking at the same houses and it pretty much was a free for all when it comes to who wants a house more. We didn't even have time to have an Open House which was scheduled for this past Sunday. We decided to not put it in the paper as it would have been pretty tacky to have an Open House with an accepted offer on the house. Sunday came around and at about 1:15, the doorbell rang. Chris answered and it was a nice couple asking if there was an Open House today? Chris informed them that there was going to be one but that we had already gotten an offer and we decided to cancel. We understood that it was not posted in the paper that we were having an Open House so we had no idea how they even knew we were planning on having one. (somehow the information on the Open House didn't get pulled off the internet). Chris asked and they told him that it was on home They went on their way and as soon as we shut the door, the door bell rang again. Chris answered and they asked if there was an Open House today, he informed them as well that there was a miscommunication and that it had been cancelled and why. The husband of the couple went as far as to ask what the offer was that we accepted! Almost as if he was about to make an offer himself...and he hadn't even been in the house yet. Now, I will tell you if you don't know, our house is nothing fancy or to brag about. It seriously is just a cookie cutter neighborhood and the street over, there are four houses exactly like ours. It just proved to us how little there was out there for sale. We sent that couple on their way and before we could shut the door, two cars pulled in the driveway looking for an Open House...we finally decided to put a sign on the door but before we did, there were a good 7 people that we answered the door to expecting an Open House. It was kind of funny and we got a good chuckle out of it. With all this said, as of right now we will be closing on OUR new house around mid April and we will be closing on the house we sold May 1st. Stay tuned for pics of the new house and the story behind it. Until then... (phew...I'm just as exhausted as I was last week just retelling all of this. it was a very CRAZY week)

Monday, February 10, 2014

House for sale.

Today it's official. Our house is for sale. We are staying here in Bloomington as it seems a part of our hearts are here in this town. We just can't seem to pull ourselves away. We love how diverse Bloomington is and how much it has to offer when it comes to education and culture. We have our eye on a house and I will go into more detail when I feel the time is right. But for now, we are going to focus on keeping the house clean and ready to show at a drop of a hat. We have done this with two other properties in the past. The only ONE difference this time around and his name is QUIN! Boy oh boy is it going to be tricky to keep up with what I need to with my little Quiness the Menace around. We have really worked hard at making sure that everything has a place when it's time to straighten up. But when it comes to actually cleaning....I'll get back to you on that. I have to say, I'm not really sad in anyway about moving like I was when we moved from our house in Fort Wayne. We were in love with that house and it was the first house we bought together. The last two houses were just temporary and have always felt that way. This next house is a house we plan on being in for a very long time. We are aware that life changes and things happen and in the long term, it may not work out that we are in this house as long as we plan. But we are comfortable in seeing our lives in this house for as long as it works for our family. Here's to a smooth and quick sale of our house! (I couldn't figure out how to insert a link through blogger so sorry for the very long web address.)

If you click on the picture of the house it will open up more pictures of the house. Thought they turned out pretty nice!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

the monster is home...

we got home yesterday morning about 11:00. it seemed like it took forever to be discharged! But we finally were on our way and Quin was able to leave in style.
Quin was SO good in the hospital. they just kept saying over and over how much he tolerated and how great he was taking his meds. after a horrible nights sleep Monday night into Tuesday, quin took a two hour nap shortly after we got home yesterday. when we left the hospital, quin was pretty spunky and talked all the way home. but after his nap, you could tell that he wasn't feeling too good. he slept all night last night except when we woke him for his meds. he was not happy and we really had to convince him to take them or he would feel horrible when he woke up. he took a three hour nap today and has had a better appetite and has played but when he has done too much he literally just plops himself on the floor wherever he is playing. it's kind of funny. here's to hoping the next couple days continue to go up. I can already tell a difference in him and know this was all worth it!
Alexa and Landon made Quin cards for when he got home. It was really sweet and I have to share landon's card. it is pretty funny and it's something I will keep FOREVER!

Monday, February 3, 2014

spent my day with a monster...

well, I DID get to spend my day with a monster. He had his tonsils and adenoids removed and a second set of ear tubes put in. this has been a very looooooooong day and i'm going to plan on it being a looooooooong night. the positive to this surgery is that because of his age, we are staying over night in the hospital so they are monitoring him closely. he is pretty miserable but it's quiet misery. he doesn't want anyone to look at him or talk to him or ask him questions. he just wants it to be quiet and still. i'm okay with that. much easier than him screaming and crying in pain. I know he's in pain now, but he is resting rather well. it's also much easier than having him bounce right back and trying to convince him that he has to rest. thank goodness rest is all he wants to do. it's sad seeing him feel so horrible, but i am getting lots of snuggle time. i'm dry heaving as i cuddle, but i'm cuddling nonetheless. if you have had a child go through this surgery, there is one thing you do NOT forget and that is the smell of their breath. it's so, so, so, so terrible. he has been such a trooper and the staff have given compliment after compliment of how much he has tolerated for his age. we also got a few good laughs when they gave him a little medicine before the surgery to help him relax. he was SO funny. such a little comedian. the only time he has smiled after the surgery was when landon walked in the room for a short visit. quin was so happy (for about 30 seconds). but i think it made landon's day...and quin's too. i know this will all be worth it in the long run for his health.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

VERY quick recap...

So I was trying to decide how I was going to play catch up after slacking for so many months. Where I would like to go back to each and every month, that just doesn't seem realistic for two reasons; it would take me a really long time (and time I don't have a ton of) and Chris is in Germany right now and when the kids go to bed, I GO TO BED. (except for right now because I am trying to catch my BlogSpot up!) Anywho...what I decided to do was to update in sections based on each of the kids and then Chris and I. Here goes nothing! Landon: My sweet growing boy is now halfway through first grade and I just can not believe it. He has come so far from the beginning of his school career and we are so proud of him. He has his days and weeks even when his anxiety seems to take over but for the most part, he is thriving and full of confidence (most of the time). He has tried our for plays and battle of the bands at school, he LOVES soccer and is currently playing basketball. He is a great big brother when he wants to be but gets overstimulated very easily and when he's done....he's done! He had a great summer but was ready to get back into the swing of things with school and ROUTINE. The kids thrives on routine and tries his best to control his every minute of everyday and he is learning that in life, you just can't do that all of the time. He is pretty hard on himself when it comes to school and academics. If it's not 100% then it's not good enough. For some that is a great way to get through life and thrive and I hope he finds the positive in that sort of attitude. However, I believe there is a fine line between striving to do your best and trying to be perfect all the time. That is something we are working on daily through school and activities that challenge him. We are planning to move in the VERY near future (stay tuned for that post) and Landon and Alexa will be going to public school for the first time. Don't ask me about it and don't talk to me about it because I am not ready and I am very nervous. Landon, as well is very nervous and has been asking questions, which is good, but is also showing signs of anxiety and I am trying my best to think really hard about the way to converse about this BIG change. Overall, the past several months for Landon have been some of the best and we are blessed with a silly, goofy, energetic little guy that never stops making us laugh. First day of First grade
Alexa: Where do I start? This girl is something else. She can be so sweet and caring when she wants to be and then the next minute, the most stubborn little thing you've ever met. She is loud, spunky, girly, artistic, and sensitive (with her own feelings anyway). To me she is so beautiful. She LOVES gymnastics and that is where I really see her shine and the most confident. I think the struggles we have with her currently are last of self esteem. Her behavior and mischief are a result of being the middle kid and not feeling a part of the group at times. Even though she is the only girl of the kiddos, I think she feels left out often and to get the attention she is lacking, she creates chaos. She has more strengths than she does weakness and is a very good student and friend at school and I am very proud of that. I have always said, as long as my kids have good character away from us, then I will deal with all the Sass at home! Ha! Alexa loves to draw and write and is eager to read and loves to create. I see her doing great things in her lifetime. I really do. She lives for affection and making people laugh. She is so silly!
Quin: Dear Lord, Quin. I text my Dad the other day and told him that I keep finding grey hairs on my head. I reached out to him to help figure out where they are coming from. I gave him three choices. I am either getting them from the Welty side of my family, the Stevens, or QUIN! We both agreed it was Quin. This little boy is so very sweet and sour and you can't help but love him to pieces. He makes everyone laugh or smile all the time everywhere we go no matter if it's because he is a joy to be around or the simple fact that he is most likely getting into trouble! And I love it! He is a little sneak who already knows how to fib but boy does he give the best hugs. He is also REALLY good at trying to get out of trouble by being funny in the moment by trying to make me crack when I'm upset. The positive to that is when I am down, the boy sure knows how to pick me back up. I have said it before and I will say it again, I don't know what our family would be like without our Quin in it. This boy seems to always have little things going on. He always seems to have some minor injury or even some that get him a trip to the doctor or the ER. Our next adventure is on Monday he will be having "the works" done. He will have his tonsils and adenoids removed and a second set of ear tubes put in. We will be staying overnight so they can monitor his 02 levels. If everything goes well, we will be home Tuesday. I am really nervous but have decided that the plus side to staying in the hospital is that the staff can manage his pain and I can be....Mom. If I had a dollar for the one liners that this child has, I would seriously be rich. If I have five dollars for the phrases that come out of my mouth in reference to the things this child does...well, I need not explain. We all in our own way, adore our Quiny.
Here are a few pics of all three kids:

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Loooooong Over Due~

well, it's no surprise that I have slacked on our family's webpage. i can't help but keep thinking that i really need to get back to it. it's something that is a sort of therapy for me. i have not posted since JUNE! and boy do we have a lot to catch up on. but i am going to attempt to collect the best pictures from the past several months and do my best to update and keep updating on a regular basis. stay tuned!

Friday, June 7, 2013

quin two years

Click here to view this photo book larger

Shutterfly baby photo books are the perfect way to preserve your baby's precious moments.

let summer break begin...

i have to say, we have completed two whole weeks of summer break and i can say that i am learning alot. this is my first official summer break with all three kids home all day every day. they are not in any camps or activities other than soccer one day a week. some of you might be telling me (in your head) to suck it up because you could think of much more challenging things in life than having three kids home full time for a few weeks in the summer. to you i say, i am not complaining in any way, it's just a time of transition (with a traveling husband) and figuring things out. i was really nervous before summer started but two weeks in, i can say it is going really well and we are all, for the most part, enjoying our summer. here are the things that i have learned so far about having kids home all summer: *more things break...a T.V. by a WII remote and picture frames knocked over by flying basketballs in the living room. *there are more injuries, if that was at all possible in our household, let me tell you it's true. the only difference is in the summer time, everyone wants to join in. quin no longer stands alone. *i can not keep food in the house for two reasons...when we stay home and the kids are bored, they just want to eat. the other reason is landon. the kid is a bottomless pit and is going through a major growth spurt. i'm going to measure his height now and see where he ends up at the end of summer. *i CAN be creative on a whim. *having a broken T.V. hasn't been so bad. the kids have actually played rather nicely and entertained themselves without fighting. *i can not keep my kitchen floor clean due to bare feet going in and out of the house *i can actually keep up with laundry. *the kids are actually really good at helping clean up after meals and have fought over who's turn it is to sweep/clean the table. *showering for this mom is done at the end of the day because we are on the go so much, there just isn't any time. *i can wear the kids out enough that they will sleep past 7:00 a.m. i have made an effort to get out of the house first thing in the morning. i like going to the park early because there is no one else there and the temperature is perfect. We eat breakfast, get dressed and go to the park until quin is ready for a nap. then sometimes, we go back in the afternoon for a bit just to really wear them out. quin is quite the little playground explorer. the kid has no fear and if he wants to try something, he does. i totally look like a helicopter mom (an i know i truly am) but we have used all of the mullah on our flex spending account, so we can not afford any more injuries for the that's gonna happen. i'm pretty sure alexa is just as fearless as quin and she thinks that she can do anything that landon can do. as a matter of fact, we were at the park the other day and she followed landon down the monkey bars and fell to the ground as her feet slipped from under her, she cracked her head on the platform behind her. blood was everywhere and i was so scared because chris had just left that morning and i had no one to call for help. i didn't know how bad the cut was because her hair was so matted from blood. a very kind lady, with two year old twins and a new born came over to help me and would you know, between our kids, neither one of us had the proper items to clean up...not even diaper wipes! lesson learned on my end. i took alexa home and washed her hair, after her head stopeed bleeding, so i could see how bad the cut was. i left it alone most of the afternoon but it just wouldn't stop bleeding 100%. i called the doctor and decided i wanted her to be seen just in case they needed to close it up. thank goodness, they cleaned it up really well and told me it looked great and to just watch the gash and to watch her. so far, i think the only thing that's been bothering her possibly are headaches. she has been super sensitive and crys about everything. but each day is better than the day before. here are some park pictures taken over the last couple weeks:
there have been some hot days and the kids have enjoyed the simple activity of playing in the kiddie pool in the drive way (at least until i get the bravery to take them all to the pool by myself)
we celebrated quin's second birthday with close family. my dad happened to be in town and was able to bring my grandmother, which meant alot to me. the cousin's all had a good time together...for the most part. i didn't take any pictures really due to a bit of chaos that took place during present opening. chris was opening a toy guitar from a package while using a very sharp pocket knife which resulted in him cutting his finger. an e.r. visit and 5 stitches later, everyone is healing and learning to play the guitar.
in the house we live in, we have a very wooded area. not very big, but enough to hide the houses behind us as well as any critters or animals that want to camoflauge themselves. the other day, i was washing some dishes and noticed a little teeny tiny deer in the backyard. i went back there and took a picture, it was so sweet and the kids watched that deer off and on for the 24 hours it was in our yard.
i think that's all i've got for now. until next time.