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sooner than later...

...we will have a baby!
I had my 38 week appointment this morning and with some natural progression and some help from the doctor, this baby boy will be making his appearance VERY soon! If he doesn't come on his own before then, looks like next Wednesday, the 2nd of June, we will be holding him in our arms and falling in love with him.
We are very ready and very excited! Landon doesn't know yet but when I tell him, he's gonna be pumped!

As for the yaywhos here are some pics of them to pass the time until I update again when the baby gets here:)

Here is Alexa riding her bike all by herself and very proud of that she is! Daddy taught her how to peddle and she will let you know that very fact if you too get the privledge to watch this great and impressive act! The other day she was even pumping her little legs on her bike up and down the incline of the driveway.

And who doesn't have a good time playing with an umbrella?

As it's been made clear from the news and reports, …

third times a.......vacation?!?

So as I've been preparing for baby number 3's arrival, it is much less stressful and there are some things I'm looking forward to.
Of course I am looking forward to bringing a new little guy into this house and snuggle and watch the kids, mostly Landon, fall in love with him. I am looking forward to the new baby smell, little diapers and a first bath. But, as I shared with my MOPS group, after this past month of so many transitions, I am looking forward to the break that I will get in the hospital for the 48 hours that I will be there to actually have the baby. Crazy? Yes I know, but what can I say, with this being my third baby, I know what to expect and one thing that I cherish is the special bonding time that I have with each of my babies when staying in the hospital. There is never a time to compare to falling in love with your newborn than those first two days in the hospital when there just might be some peace and quiet for you and your new little one. I know I will …

In Due time....

....seems to be the only thing getting me through all the transitions in our family lately.
I am 36 weeks pregnant today and feeling more like 40 weeks! I. Am. Ready.
On the other hand, some days I really try and embrace the end of this pregnancy knowing it will be my last. It will be the last time I can complain of heartburn, backaches, insomnia, feet in my ribs, elbows and knees rolling across my belly and the incredible feeling of a little life moving inside of me. Makes me a bit emotional, but I am so blessed to have experienced it three times in my life. All the months of throwing up and infusion therapy was so worth the couple months that I get to actually enjoy being pregnant. I know the day my baby boy makes his arrival will be emotional as I am closing a chapter in my life of carrying a child
I have been measuring four weeks small for where I should be in the pregnancy and had a unscheduled ultrasound to make sure he was healthy. The results showed that he is perfect and health…