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Summer fun

In the month of August, we kept pretty busy. We had some sort of an event in Indianapolis every, single, weekend in August. It was crazy busy, but were glad to have made it to everything that was planned on the calendar:) August brought us a new school year for Landon at his new preschool. Still trying to figure out if it's the place for him. In most areas it is very relaxed and in others, they are a bit uptight. It's still the beginning of the year, so we shall see. Landon likes it and has willingly gone into the school everyday but one. That is much better than last year where he was literally glued to me as soon as we stepped in the door! He has matured over the summer but is still adjusting to the LONG preschool day. He is at school from 8:30-4:00 which makes for the longest day he has spent at preschool. This includes an hour and 45 minutes "nap/rest" time which Landon insists on NOT taking a nap. This in turn creates a monster of my Landon for the next few days…



miss you June.


Very loud and there is no mistaking their presence. With that comes questions from my three year old scientist. What's that noise? What do they look like? Do they have eyes? Do they fly? The very important question: Will they sting me? And the favorite question: Why?

Needless to say, we "googled" cicadas and found lots of interesting things. I will answer one question of all the interesting things we found and that was Do they sting?
Cicadas do not sting. It's hard to see Cicadas because they hang out high in the trees singing their "songs", as we read about. If you've ever seen the shells that they leave on the trunks of trees, you will see what looks like a stinger. They do use that stinger to get sap from trees. We went to a park on Sunday and found several shells but forgot to bring them home with us. So, after Landon's nap yesterday, he thought we could go outside and see if we had any on our trees in the yard. We have several trees aro…

Alexa's 18 month pics

When my dad was in town last, he did me a favor and did Alexa's 18 month pictures. He did a fantastic job if I do say so:) Thanks dad. They're perfect! I can't believe she is already 18 months but we don't remember our lives before her. Such a little sassy, peppy lil thing. Love you Lexa!

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Famous Red Goggles

For some reason, we have these red goggles that have been with us before Landon was born, I think. Landon loved them and would randomly request wearing them. Even in the last year, he will wear them around. Alexa found them the other day and wanted to put them on, so I did. Pretty funny picture. I then started thinking that I had pictures of Landon in these "famous red goggles" and dug them out of a file on the computer that I thought no longer existed. Hope it makes you smile.