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So Alexa made this adorable christmas ornament made out of and ornament and an ice cream cone. Perhaps we can call it a orna-cream-cone:

But I don't think she intended on Alexa eating it as a snack on the way home from school:

Mobley Blurb

My little Diva:

While introducing herself in a grand performance of "The Itsie Bitsie Spider" she says in a proud and loud voice,
I corrected her and said, "Alexa, It's 'Ladies and Gentlemen".
She repeats back,
I'll just leave it alone because it's just too darn cute:)

Six months

I'm a couple weeks late on this post, but you'll have that! I can't believe that Quin is six months old, well six and a half months now. It's his half birthday! Unbelievable! He is doing SO well with everything we throw his way. He has been trying and practicing at sitting up more and more each day, but has been having a rough time. He just started rolling over and I can't keep him on his back in his crib, which makes me a nervous wreck. Such a happy, sweet little guy. His stats from his six month wellcheck showed that he was in the 50% for height and 50% for weight and his head...are you ready for this...was 90%. No wonder the poor kid can't sit up! His head is too big! As for his height and weight, I can't believe how much he's slowed down on his length and increased his weight. He's one pretty average kid, with one really big noggin. Here are some pictures of our little man. He also has a new trick of saying, "da da da da da..." why it&…

Colorado Pics

So over Thanksgiving, we drove out to Colorado to visit with my Dad, stepmom Liz, and sisters Conner and Madison...Oh and our pup Lily!

The drive out was really pretty good. We attempted to drive all night, but Chris got pretty tired and we did have to stop at a hotel and sleep for a few hours, but picked right back up early the next morning. The kids did GREAT! We were truly worried about Alexa as she isn't as easy as Landon to entertain, but she did really great! All three were about as good as we could expect.
We didn't do a whole lot while we were out there. We mostly just hung out and relaxed and enjoyed each other's company.
Here are the pics to document our trip:

The Drive out:

We often watch food t.v. at our house and one thing we watch is "Man vs. Food". Chris has one episode in mind and has had for quite sometime of a place in Denver called "Jack and Grill's" where they host a 7 POUND BURRITO! Yes, 7 pounds. So, we drove into Denver and let C…

Adventures in loose teeth!

Landon's first loose tooth and the story of how he lost it...

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Mobley Blurb

"Alexa, quite rubbing your pink, glittery, fish, christmas ornament all over your have no clothes on..."