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Image we are. I was actually able to upload some pictures to start this back up and running. This here, is our awesome house that we were so very blessed to purchase from our dear family friends. Chris and I have many memories in this house before we bought it and we now are able to create new ones with our own family. We LOVE the property and the yard and the kids are having a blast, the last year, playing and running around with awesome neighbors! Not only did we move into a new house, we also adopted this big pup, Optimus. He is so awesome and he is a wonderful addition to our family.

Been a Hot Minute!

I've said it before but nothing will even compare to the time lapse this time around. Boy, has it been a REALLY long time since my last post. I miss keeping up with this blog and I really want to try and start writing again. For now, I will update pictures of the family in hopes that I will be posting again very soon.