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Snow, Snow, Snow

We have had quite the eventful weekend. Our planned weekend consisted of traveling to Indianapolis to visit with my grandma (mom's mom) and our nephew Mason. It had been really cold and pretty windy and we've had a mix of rain and snow off and on for a couple of weeks now. Friday was no different. On our way down to Indy, the roads were not too bad until we got right out of Fort Wayne it began to rain a bit, no big deal. Then about forty-five minutes outside of Fort Wayne in Gas City, it began to snow. It was really wet snow and by the time it reached the street, it melted. We traveled another few miles and the snow began to stick to the road and really started to accumulate. Traffic became slower and slower as did we. All of a sudden, we come across a snowplow and everyone slams on their brakes, as do we. Bad news...we slide from the left lane to the right lane back to the left lane and back to the right lane. We looked like a fish out of water. As I am holding my breath and …
Just thought I would write a mid-february blog to update. We are all hanging in there through a rough sort of month. Chris and I have battled the epidemic of a flu that seems to be grabbing everone we know. Landon has yet to have his round with it and I would like to keep it that way. He has a runny nose, but has yet to catch the actual "flu". It's amazing how many people we know and their children that are battling this bug. It's just sad really, all these poor babies either in the hospital or on breathing treatments. I hope all get well and back to feeling spunky. I don't have much to report on Landon other than he is into everything and still talking more and more. He has learned the word "car", but he says it like he's from Jersey "ca". We'll take it; it's pretty funny to hear. On another note, we had been praying and hoping for a job change for Chris with the same company but working in Bloomington but of that a disappointment…

15 months

Landon is going to be 15 months on the 17th of this month. He is quite the little boy and a huge ham for the camera. He loves to have his picture taken and says "cheese" whenever he even lays eyes on a camera. He is talking more and more each week. This week he has learned to say "light" and "please". Now of course when I say he says "light" and "please", it's not as clear as you or I might say it, but he sure is trying. He knows how to say "baby", "lily", "daddy", "mommy", "grandpa", "grandpa", "more", "bite", "cookie","basketball","puppy", and the list keeps growing. We have recently discovered that we have to be careful the actions we make...he has learned to copy things he sees. The other day I put my hands on my head because I had a headache and said, "oh my head". Wouldn't you know, I look over and Lando…