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very, very sad

seven years ago, chris and I got our precious pup lily. she was our baby that we spoiled before we had landon. she is such a sweet dog, who yes was moody at times. she's by no means has been perfect but she has been a companion and a member of our family for several years. yesterday, she made a "very bad choice" (as landon has been saying). She bit Landon on the face pretty badly. So bad in fact that we have no other choice but to adopt her out to a family that has no children or children that are older. Landon has been a good sport but is very sad as are Chris and I. Lily was the first "child" in our family and we don't know what life looks like without her in our family. There is only so much we can do and we can't chance something like this happening again, especially to Alexa who knows no boundaries yet with Lily. It's been very confusing for Landon because Lily hasn't ever been a huge fan of the kids but lately she had been warming up to th…

A ladies man...

landon is quite the ladies man. i mean, he can't help it if he is surrounded with beautiful ladies ALL the time. he only has like two boys his age that he knows and plays with. so, i guess that leads nature to play the game. we have a friend maddie, that he likes to hold hands with as he walks her to her car. he plays with our dear friend ella crane, (who by the way emily, if you read this he told me yesterday, "ella crane is beautiful. she always wears beautiful clothes") that he admires. but there is a special someone that he talks about and acts just a little different when she is the topic of conversation. i am not pushing the subject by any means, but as a mom, i can't help that he is just too cute when this little girl is around or spoken of. her name is kinley. she is in his class at school. she is a little blonde hair, blue eyed little girl with little purple glasses. such a cutie. he has commented on her before. for example, a conversation we had after schoo…

you know your a mom when...

you go to the library while your child is at school just to get some books on construction machines so when you see them on the side of the road and your son asks, "what's that", you look like the smartest mom in the world! Landon has been big into construction machines/vehicles, baseball, basketball and cars. This can make for alot of "i don't know", "i'm now sure", and "maybe we should check into that". I am learning all this boy stuff and Landon and I are having a great time together because of it. We have also been watching "Little Rascals" and "The Sandlot". Both pretty good kid movies with a little language that I don't really care for since Landon has been repeating them to the "T". But, we will work our way around that because after all, I think most Disney movies are comparable with the violence and aggression most of them exhibit (especially the older movies). But, you'll have that. As …

Cookie Time!

Image's girl scout cookie time and our favorite cookie in this family is the:


Here is an old video from last year and he named them our "special, special cookies". Enjoy!

Got It!

I got Alexa taking some steps on video! Way to Go Alexa!
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Catch Up!

I can't believe how much time has past since I've posted. Yikes! This may just be a long one so hang on.
We celebrated Alexa's first birthday with our close family and friends, but not all that we would have loved to celebrate with us. We want to thank everyone that did and was able to make it! We had a great time celebrating our Alexa. I didn't take a ton of pictures, but did get some of her eating her cupcake and boy did she know exactly what to do!

She is starting to show some interest in walking. She has taken up to six steps at a time, but no more and don't even think about trying to prompt her. She wants to do it all on her own and in her own time. I wonder what that means about her personality. Could be a good thing in many situations I can imagine. It amazes me though seeing how risky she is when it comes to climbing on something, she doesn't even look back in fear. But walking is a whole different situation. You can really tell she is thinking about it a…