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Alright. I am at the end of my rope. Each night, my head hits the pillow between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. Oh the feeling of knowing the day has come to an end, my eyes will not stay open. The cool sheets wrap themselves around me, I kiss Chris goodnight, say my prayers, and just as I drift off........"mommy, I need you".
" is bedtime get back in your bed!"
The last three/four months, this is how my nights have been each and everynight. Not to mention the almost hour that it took to get him to stay in bed at his actual bedtime that we have to at least start by 7:00 p.m. because it just might take an entire hour to get him to sleep. Let me just list to you everything we have tried.
(and when I say "tried" i don't mean we tried it once or twice, this is over a two weeks span or more)
We have tried a routine, dinner, bath, milk, books, bed. (didn't work)
Earlier nap during the day. (didn't work)
No nap (doesn't work and makes everyone misera…


For Landon's birthday he got both a bike and a little john deer tractor, both of which he loves. This weekend, I asked him if he wanted me to hook the wagon up to his tractor so he could pull Alexa, "Sure!" he said. So that's just what he did. Here is a little video of him doing just that.

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Landon also has been a very good helper around the house. We have found that giving him more responsibility lately, has really helped with some of his behavior problems...some. I am planning on making a chore chart very soon because I think that will help even more. This weekend, we also worked hard to really clean the house for my family coming into town and you better believe Landon was right there to help. He was WAY into the rubber gloves!

Alexa has been practicing and practicing her clapping skills and has perfected them very well. Her favorite song is still "the itsie bitsie spider" and we usually clap at the en…

Happy 3rd Birthday Landon!

Today we celebrate our Landon's third birthday. Is it possible that time has gone by this quickly. I know that sounds so cliche, but it's so true. His first year seemed to go on forever. His second year felt about right. But year three has just gone by so quickly. Perhaps it's due to his complete love for life and all that it has to offer him and in this, we get lost trying to keep up with him as his parents. Landon is full of one-liners, love for everyone, lots of energy, questions to be answered, and smarts that are too big for his pants. He is so curious and very hands-on, as I learned in his parent teacher conference this year (which has helped us understand him so much better). He likes things explained to him in every detail and if you leave anything out, he gets very frustrated. It is just so neat to be able to figure him out a little more everyday and understand his wants and needs not as a baby, but as a little person. He has a very strong personality, which can b…

9 months

So, Alexa isn't officially nine months until next week, but her well check was today. She is doing very well. She was 29 inches long putting her in the 95% percentile...catching up with her brother. She weighed 18 lbs putting her average with other kids her age. She isn't too crazy about baby food, she prefers what we are eating and I was given permission on lots of things I could give her and feel safe about it. I was feeling limited on what I could give her since she isn't a year old yet. She whines the entire time I feed her baby food, but as soon as I put "real" peas or carrots or bananas on her tray, she is quiet and feeds herself. I'm just glad to know she can, for the most part, eat what we eat. She is pulling herself up on everything possible and we've lowered her mattress as low as it will go. She loves her brother, but has learned that he is not always the most gentle with her and has even started whining before he even gets to her. She's pr…

a spider, a pink monster, a bear and a dragon

for halloween, we went to "trunk or treat" at our church and met up with our neice isabelle, who was a very scary dragon! It was really loud and Landon didn't really enjoy it all that much. There was a band playing and Landon does not do well in a loud environment. A good example, it took him several trips to the Children's museum before he would ride the merri-go-round because it was too loud. Anywho...he did have a good time after we went to everyone's trunk and got candy. He eventually warmed up and started crawling around like a little spider. Both he and isabelle weren't feeling too great, but did their best to have fun. We then went to the southside to celebrate with our beautiful niece, Sabrina, and our family out there. Sabrina was a sweet little bear. However, all the way to Jessica and Brian's house, Landon was crying and telling us how he did not want to trick-or-treat anymore and he didn't want to do halloween. We asked him why and he told…