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Update on Landon

So...the story goes, on.
Wednesday was determined that Landon has an allergy to Penicillin. He did alright Wednesday with benadryl and motrin.
Thursday he did pretty well, but as the day was winding down, so was Landon, which is not his usual routine. Evenings for Landon consist of extreme energy as he is ready to "show us" he's not tired and not ready for bed. However, lastnight he didn't want to do anything. The point that I knew something was really wrong was he was playing on the floor, quietly, and then requested for me to help him get off the ground because he couldn't get up by himself. He told me his hips were hurting and when I stood him up, he was very stiff and every movement took his breath away. So, he layed on the couch until dinner, he ate dinner, and we were asking all sorts of questions trying to figure out what we were going to do. We asked him one more time why he was hurting and where and he answered, "it's just cause I'm old. I&#…

war wounds

landon went to school. i notice a little scratch and red mark on his neck. didn't think too much of it. he has really sensitive skin and the velcro on his coat was rubbing his neck. two and a half hours later, i get a call from his school saying he has a rash that is spreading up his back and up his ear. i call the doctor. he has been on amoxicillin for about a week for an ear infection. they tell me they want to see him because they think he might be having a reaction to the medicine. so strange to hear that because he has taken amoxicillin several times for an ear infection. not to mention that he gets rashes at the simple change of soap or detergent or a dog hair. when i pick him up from school, he begins to complain of his ankle hurting. He says he has a ball on his ankle. I tell him that's just his ankle bone and he's fine. he begins to take off his sock and shoe and starts touching it and saying it really hurts. when we get home, i get to the backseat to help …


Here are our family pictures from 2009. Enjoy!

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Talking and Reading.....

Update on Ol' Re-Re

Lily or Re-Re as we call her at home, is doing better than we thought. There is nothing wrong with her back at all other than causing strain from another source. It looks like Lily was misdiagnosed with a slipped disc. The true problem is that she has a knee cap that is out of socket in her back right leg. It's been like that for so long, that it's caused atrophy in her muscle in that leg which is why she isn't using her back leg. It got so bad this morning when she was let out to use the restroom, that Chris had to carry her inside because she couldn't walk. The recovery for her will be an injection of a medication that will supplement the joint in her knee temporarily. The hard thing is, we will have to give her that shot for the rest of her life. We love our Re-Re and are glad that things don't look as grim as we thought they might. We Love Our Lily!

this and that

Our poor pup Lily has had a rough time since Thanksgiving. She has hurt her back (slipped a disc) pretty badly and doesn't do much but lay around. Yes, I know that was pretty much her day to day routine, to lay around, but she is in a great deal of pain. Not sure how much longer she can do this. She was shivering in pain the other day, so I covered her up and put the space heater on her to make her nice and comfy cozy.

Landon wanted to "help" Chris shovel the drive way last week, when we got all of that snow, he is suited up and helping Chris out in the driveway.

One of Chris' co-workers got four tickets to the Pacer's game this week. We were five rows from the floor. Pretty cool and we had a blast! Thanks Mark for braving and watching the kids for us.

Last, but not least, there has been more dancing going on around our house. Here are a couple more videos. The one of Landon, I told him to do the robot and it was interesting to say the least. Such a ham …

11 months

It's true. Ms. Alexa is 11 months old. That means in just a few short weeks, she will turn 1. She is cruising around ALL of the furniture and is one tough little girl. Not much makes her cry and in regards to pain tolerance, hers is pretty high. At church, the word on the street is, what Alexa wants, Alexa gets and on her own at that. Apparently, when she sees a toy she wants, whether someone else is playing with it or not, she gets it. hmmmm. Now where on earth could she have learned that behavior? I told them she is used to having to defend what she wants seeing that her three year old brother seems to get what he wants within arms reach as well, or thinks it belongs to him rather. The bummer is, the little girls that Alexa seems to steam over when she sees something she wants, are the exact age as she is within a couple days. Not to mention, they too have three year old brothers, so my excuse didn't cut it. We all laughed because we know she clearly doesn't know that sh…

Madonna Mama!

Funny Story:
While in the car and listening to music, Landon will often label songs as "mommy's song" or "daddy's song". For example, for whatever reason, any Taylor Swift song that comes on the radio is "mommy's song". "Listen mommy. It's your song!" Not a huge fan, but whatever. The Black Eyed Peas might come on and we will here, "Daddy, your song's on!"
Yesterday, we went to dinner with my mom to McAllister's while Chris was out of town. We ate and as we were leaving, the restaurant radio over head was playing Madonna's 1985 hit "Dress You Up"'s a the chorus: "Gonna dress you up in my love. All over, all over. Gonna dress you up in my love. All over your body".
Classy, I know. Just as we are passing a couple of ladies enjoying their dinner, Landon stops in his tracks and says with volume in his voice and excitement for whatever reason, "MOMMY! It's your song!".

our week together

We have had a great time with Chris as he had time off from work. We did all kinds of things together, but I think our favorite thing was just hanging out at home. Over the past couple weeks, Alexa has found a new talent and we are loving every minute of the videos and see if you can figure out what it is. It has to do with music:)In the first video, if you watch close, you can see her swishing back and forth checking out her tutu. I found her old tutu and tried it on her and it was WAY too small, but I had fun putting it on her anyway. We got to spend some time with our beautiful niece Sabrina, so there are a couple pictures of her. Then there are a couple pictures of Alexa giving landon a taste of his own medicine! Enjoy. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
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