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quin two years

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let summer break begin...

i have to say, we have completed two whole weeks of summer break and i can say that i am learning alot. this is my first official summer break with all three kids home all day every day. they are not in any camps or activities other than soccer one day a week. some of you might be telling me (in your head) to suck it up because you could think of much more challenging things in life than having three kids home full time for a few weeks in the summer. to you i say, i am not complaining in any way, it's just a time of transition (with a traveling husband) and figuring things out. i was really nervous before summer started but two weeks in, i can say it is going really well and we are all, for the most part, enjoying our summer. here are the things that i have learned so far about having kids home all summer: *more things break...a T.V. by a WII remote and picture frames knocked over by flying basketballs in the living room. *there are more injuries, if that was at all possible in…