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Merry Christmas!!

This Christmas was different from those in the past. We are having to create new memories and new meanings to Christmas in our family. We've had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year as it's our first Christmas without June. She brought so much to Christmas and I don't think any of us realized it until reality hit. Chris and I have had conversations in the past couple of weeks about how Christmas just won't be the same without June this year. Christmas Eve, Landon was really acting out and misbehaving. I asked him every question: did he have a headache, was something hurting him, was he hungry?
Then we had this conversation:
Me: "Are you sad about something?"
Landon: "yeah, I'm sad"
Me: "What are you sad about?"
Landon: "I miss Grandma June."
Me: "what do you miss about her?"
Landon: "I want her to come and play with me."
Me: "I miss Grandma June too. Everyday. Do you want to make a picture…

funny man


10 Months

Alexa is now 10 months. All I can think about is the very fact that this now means there are only 8 weeks until she will be a year old. Not possible!!!! She is one funny girl who loves to cuddle and entertain. We just can't wait to see what personality she will have because we just love who she is already. She is a little behind developmentally in reference to where Landon was at this age. Landon was walking and saying many words by 10 months. Landon just catches onto things very quickly. It seems as though Alexa likes to think about things and anazlye things before trying them, which is not a bad thing at all. She, on occasion, signs "more" which we are working on everyday. She is a very busy girl and into everything!!!! She loves her brother and it is very obvious by the smile she gets at the very mention of his name or a picture of him. Alexa Anne, we love you and love watching the precious little girl that you have become. Here are some fun pictures of our sweetie!!!


Here is a short video of Landon trying to get the telephone out from under the couch. Check out his gear to get the job done. A bike helmet, a swimming noodle, and snow boots. He then goes into his room to find something else to help get the phone because the swimming noodle was NOT doing it's job! I ran out of space on my memory card, so it's cut off, but still pretty funny.
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An update on the sleeping issue. We are going on week two of the monkey bar chart to keep Landon in his bed to earn a trip to Chuckie Cheese in Mark's Camero...not so much. The furthest we've gotten is onto the board...the first monkey bars. He is really frustrated as am I because of the lack of sleep. We are finding it's going hand in hand with Landon's vomiting issue. It has also escalated into Landon getting up consistently at the same time every night and throwing up. Landon has had the issue of vomiting for over two years now. It's mentio…

when the cat's away..........

.....the mice will play.
miss you papaw!;)

a rockstar and a flower

first, an update on landon's sleeping situation. he is really frustrated that he can't move himself down the monkey bars because he hasn't stayed in his bed all night. but....he didn't come into our room lastnight at all, he just went to the couch and went back to sleep. we are getting there and it's only been two days since we made the chart! there's hope and i truly was beginning to think we would be doing this bedtime junk for a very long time. i see the light!!!!!
here are some fun pictures i took today. i also caught alexa holding a play phone up to her ear and saying "haaaaaaaaa" (translation "hi") but didn't get it caught on camera.