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4 month check-up and where'd the rain puddles go?

Alexa had her four month check-up yesterday and it went really well. Both kids have been fighting ear infections over the past couple weeks and it's been none the fun. Alexa's ears were checked at her appointment and they looked great. My concern is, she is only four months old and so far, she has had two ear infections. I don't think Landon was even sick before his first birthday. That's what you get when you have an older sibling to bring germs home. Anywho. Alexa weighed in at 12 pounds 9 ounces (25%) and was 24 inches long (70%). So funny because both stats were in the 15percentile justs 8 weeks ago. Just goes to show that kiddos sure do grow up fast. Speaking of which, Landon sure has had us laughing with some interestesting interests and conversations. If I see you, ask me about them, but I won't post them due to information that some may not be interested in:) I am still watching my niece Isabelle and the kids are having a great time together. Yesterday, Lan…

"I'm a big boy...I'm cute"

So we have a little man on our hands who is VERY aware of conversations that he is both involved in and others he is not. The other day, Landon and I ran into CVS to get some milk and as we are getting out of the car he says, "mommy, I'm a big boy." I answered with a "yes you ARE a big boy". "And I'm cute," he says. I laughed and said, "oh, you're cute huh?" and he of course agreed. I've been watching my niece this month and as they have been playing in the playroom. Landon has one of those little tykes cars. I will often hear him telling Isabelle, "I want a medium diet, Isabelle." I guess he is pretending to go through the drive though. The funny part, is Isabelle has no idea what a "medium diet" is, so Landon will say it louder and louder, "Isabelle, I NEED A MEDIUM DIET!!!" as though then she would understand. Landon has also, in a way, been tattling on himself, though he doesn't know that'…