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Our January...

....was one rough month.
We are glad that the month of January is OVER! It brought us sickness and stress. Where do I start?
With the good news I suppose: I am almost 22 weeks pregnant and glad to say that I am feeling much better. I had my zofran pump for almost five weeks and I am glad to say that I was discharged on Monday and I mailed it back on Wednesday! Now I am really starting to enjoy being pregnant which is something I wasn't sure I would get to experience this time around. I am truly feeling blessed to feel this little guy moving around and already full of life. Landon is very excited to see my belly grow. Recently we went shopping and we came across a pair of shoes that he thought we needed to buy for his little brother so that they could both have "sandlot" shoes that matched.

This month brought us and ear infection and strep throat for Landon requiring an antibiotic. One week went by and he woke up and said his ear was hurting which I thought was strange se…

Today was the day...

that we found out we are having another little BOY! We are very excited and Landon was able to go with us to find out. He was pretty good at the office and when he found out it was a boy he said, "it's what I've always ever wanted!"
I think he's a little excited to be a big brother again!
Here are the pictures of the little guy that has been making me feel so sick. Not feeling any better but I'm not vomiting anymore really. Hopefully just a couple more weeks on the Zofran pump and then they will hopefully start to lower my doses so I can be pump free!!! Enjoy!.
And NO we don't have a clue of any names and we probably won't tell until he is born. Oh and he is measuring a week ahead based on my due date, so that's fun to know. The other two kiddos always measured two weeks behind. Maybe my due date this time was off from the beginning? We'll keep you posted.