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"Do it!"

These are the magic words of our dear Landon. He wants to do everything on his own. Not that we mind, he is just very demanding about it. We visited with our niece Tory who is 12 weeks old and Landon wanted to feed her with her bottle. I sat him on the couch and propped her up the best I could to make her comfortable and handed Landon the bottle. I had my hand over the end of the bottle and he pushed my hand away and said, "do it" telling me he wanted to do it all by himself. He did a really good job and loved every minute of it...good look into the future with his brother or sister on the way. Looks like we may have a little helper on our hands.

The "do it!" goes along with so many other daily tasks as well. He wants to pull his own pants up, very proud of him to do that. He wants to brush his teeth all by himself; needs help really getting them clean. He has even asked to pour his own milk...I'm not that brave and won't be for a while. Putting on his own s…

A Goodbye, A Birthday, and...A Wig

A Goodbye...
This past weekend, we had to do something that was really difficult for us to do. We said goodbye to my sister Janelle as she moves to Georgia. I got a few pictures of her last day in Indianapolis until the Holidays. We will miss you Aunt Janelle!

A Birthday...
On Saturday, we went to my good friend Emily's son's 2nd birthday party. Landon had such a good time. He even got to see his little friend Lydia, who is probably one of the cutest little girls I know...minus a few. Ethan made out pretty good for his second birthday. Happy Birthday Ethan...such a big boy!

A Wig...
Lastly, one of the many treasures we found going through Chris' grandma's condo was a true keeper. I just couldn't think of any better thing to do with it other than to keep it. We have had some silly fun with this thing and who would have thought that to be possible. I have laughed until I've cried. Although Chris' grandma didn't wear a wig as long as I had known her, we found …

Random Pics

Here are just a few pictures taken in the last week or so. Landon was having a great time in the tub the other night, so I thought I would snap a few. The other pictures are of Landon hanging on the branches of the one and only tree in our yard. He thought it was so funny...well, until he fell and Chris and I were trying to figure the camera out and didn't exactly catch his fall. He stood right up and looked at us like, "where were you?". He brushed it off and said, "more, more, more". I did have the fall on camera but it erased it was pretty funny. Enjoy!