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Quin's Story...

For every birthday, I put together a shutterfly photo book for the kids that is filled with all of the past years favorite photos. At their birthday parties and for the year to follow, it's always nice to remember all the great memories through pictures. Not to mention what a great keepsake it is for always. It comes the time for me to begin working on Quin's very first photo book. With this being the last, first birthday in our family, I have been emotional and I am really trying to make these last few weeks last. So, before I post his birthday book, I thought I would share something. I shared this with my MOPS (mother's of preschoolers) group but it seems appropriate to share in honor of his up coming birthday. It's real and honest but a gentle reminder of how far our family has come from the very day I found out we were adding another person into our lives. I woke up feeling nauseous. It was a feeling that I knew all too well, but in denial, thought it was from t…

kite flying, dog walking, lego shaking, and dancing fun!

Everyone is recovering nicely from our little scare last week. Quin had a re-check with his doctor and checked out fine. His bump is almost gone with a little bruising. We are so thankful!

A week or so ago, we bought Landon a kite and we couldn't have picked a better day to fly it. It was SO windy but controllable for Landon to fly it!

Alexa finished this her first session of dance class at the YMCA. I got some video of her doing some floor exercises...pretty funny stuff!
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Chris left for San Fransico yesterday so the kids and I went to visit our friends the Nixon/McGee family. Landon LOVES their dogs Katie and Hazel and he LOVES to walk them, so that's just what he did!

Finally, here is a VIDEO of the kids playing together. I was cleaning up the kitchen and I heard Quin belly laughing along with some loud shaking!
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A little scare...

Well, we had a bit of a scare last night.
It was about 5:30 and Chris was on his way home from work where he was then gonna stop by the Cook Pharmacy to pick up Quintons prescription to treat his double ear infection before he gets tubes in a coule weeks (finally). I was stirring the spaghetti and meatballs and trying to entertain Quiny in his high chair and give Alexa a small snack before dinner. Chris got home, greeted us all individually, and set Quin's meds on the counter. For some reason, Alexa kept taking pieces of Quins broccoli off his tray and snacking on them. I'm just listening and filling plates as we are about to sit down for dinner. Chris keeps telling Alexa to leave Quin alone and stop eating his broccoli. After about the fourth time, we hear a big crash! In slow motion we look over to see the high chair knocked over on top of Alexa with Quin inside as Alexa must have been standing on the side of the high chair and somehow pulled it over. Alexa and Quin are both…

April: off to a good start!

For the most part, April has gotten off to a good start. We are really spending alot of time outside in this amazing weather! I on the other hand, haven't been sick in a really, really long time and it has finally caught up with me. I have a cold, the chills and no energy today so this post will be just pictures and not much else.

In our backyard, which is not much of a backyard, we have a small creek. We haven't had too much rain but there was a bit of rain that left some water in the creek. Landon was itching to play out in the creek and I gave in and thought, what could it hurt? So, I got them in some play clothes and they explored the creek. They weren't too thrilled with how cold the water was, but they had fun poking and playing in the water.

We also took a trip to the Zoo. I broke down and bought a pass and I'm glad we did. This trip, Landon was able to be a Junior Dolphin Trainer and was able to go up close to the Dolphin window and help the Dophins do tricks. …