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Long over due.....

...and no I'm obviously not talking about my due date that is LONG
from now (June 7th). Last post I was telling the news that we are pregnant and expecting our third little Mobley baby! I can say that time has flown by, in a sense. But has gone SO SLOW in regards to how sick I have been with this baby. Like the other two kids, I too was sick but never had to keep up with as much as I do this time. I am now on a Zofran Pump to help with the vomiting and to hopefully help me put on some weight, of which I have only lost and not gained a single pound. I am sixteen almost seventeen weeks and trucking along! We find out what we are having on the 4th of January and we are looking VERY forward to that date...and so is Landon! Every time I go to the doctor, he asks if I am going to come home with the baby. Boy, do I wish I was that far along to bring this baby home. Then again, maybe not because we have ALOT of changes to make in our house and family before we bring another person into th…

Merry Holidays!

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. I had a few minutes between disinfecting our house from the stomach flu and made this fun video:)