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This past weekend was an eventful one. We drove down for Mason's birthday party that was on Saturday. I wasn't feeling too great that morning and got sick, which I hadn't done in a while. I got sick again on the way to the party, then again when we got back to June and Mark's after the party, then again right before we took off back to Fort Wayne. I just couldn't figure out what was going on. From there, I got sick about every ten miles on the interstate as Chris pulled over, no kidding, about 14 times. I got sick a total of 20 times Saturday and late that night decided that it was time to go to the E.R. I was given two liters of fluid and some meds to keep me from throwing up. We were there for about four hours and then headed home. It took me a couple days to recover; I was so sore from getting sick so many times. Anywho...I was to follow up with my doctor. So, today we went to the doctor to make sure everything was alright with the baby after Saturday. Everythin…

Fun with a frog and Counting

Often, while playing in our front yard, do we find a nice bumpy, green, hopping creature. As Landon says, "yook, a wog. op,op,op". We look at the frog for a while and talk about its color and how it hops and then we take it to our side yard where it's nice and wet with long grass. I was able to catch Chris and Landon having fun with a cute little frog that I think was one of the smaller ones we have seen. It was so cute.

Today while we were watching our daily episode of Sesame Street, during the counting segment, they were counting to 20 today because it was the number of the day. We have practiced outside of Sesame Street counting to 10. Well today, we got to 10 while counting with the show, and he said, "more". So, we kept on going all the way to 20. Tonight at dinner, we showed daddy our efforts of counting and he did a great job... just skipped over a few in the beginning. Enjoy.

ooopppsss...fat lip!

This afternoon, after one of the many weekly visits to the Y.M.C.A. with Chris, while walking out the same door he walks through each and everytime he enters and exits, somehow jumped out and grabbed his leg and tripped Landon. Landon, for some reason, didn't naturally put his hands out in front of him to catch his fall, but instead caught the brunt of it on his top lip. I couldn't help but laugh when they got home because Landon didn't even look like himself because his lip was so fat. I also couldn't help laughing because if anyone of you have ever seen me with the monster cold sores that I get, I must have been looking at my own reflection because I just couldn't stop laughing. Chris gave me a hard time from laughing so hard about it, but he just looked so cute. Needless to say, he is fine, but of course I had to take some pictures. The swelling had gone down quite a bit before I got the camera out, but you can see his boo-boo. As for our weekend, I have finally…

Kind'a deep...but oh so sweet.

There are only a handful of situations in my life that I can say I've truly dedicated time in prayer. Of course I pray often that God will let me get to an appointment on time, or make sure Chris' paycheck lasts until the next paycheck. That Landon will go to bed easy tonight or that he won't make a scene when we are out to eat. In this, I am talking about prayer that has forever changed my life. What was thought to be grim and unknown has turned out to be a true, true miracle. The first I have ever witnessed in my life and one that has changed me spiritually. Sweet Sabrina Lynn was thought to either not make it in this world or have complications that were unknown and a possible surgery. With SO much prayer from SO many people, she entered this world a healthy, beautiful, sweet little girl to two amazing parents that never gave up on her and are truly blessed to have her as their daughter. To be able to see prayer literally change a life is something that leaves me speech…

Our Weekend

Our weekend was nice and relaxing. The weather was beautiful and we just kind of enjoyed each others company. Saturday morning we got up early, only because Landon is an early bird, and went to a park. The weather was perfect and we even took Lily. We did some yard work, with the help of Landon of course...took a little longer than usual...but with the help of Landon of course. Saturday afternoon he mastered the art of blowing bubbles. I think he may have burped a few bubbles as we worked on not exactly pressing the bubble wand directly on our lips, but rather holding it just right in front of our lips and blowing gently. After a major spill of the bubbles, we called it a day and we had one devistated little boy. I explained we could go to Target and get some more later. Later is not in a toddlers vocab as they live in the moment and when you say Target, that means now! Again, we had one devistated little boy. Saturday night ,and the talk of the afternoon, we made a pizza for supper. …

Growing up Too Fast.

Okay. So as I have started typing, I have also started to tear up a little bit. As reality is hitting me more and more each day, I am coming to terms with the fact that one: I am having another baby and it's sneaking up on me VERY quickly. And two: Landon is growing up way too fast. I am so excited for this next baby and I am ready to see the wonderful relationship that God has in store for Landon and his brother/sister. I also am very emotional to know that it won't just be Landon anymore. He has been our little man for almost two years now and I just can't believe how much he has changed and how much he we have changed because of him. He is such an amazing little boy and we are so blessed to have him as our son. I am really trying to take in all of the new things he does; there is something every single day. As I was looking for pictures to post in this blog, I got to looking through older pictures of Landon. I thought I would post some just for fun to see how much he ha…