Kind'a deep...but oh so sweet.

There are only a handful of situations in my life that I can say I've truly dedicated time in prayer. Of course I pray often that God will let me get to an appointment on time, or make sure Chris' paycheck lasts until the next paycheck. That Landon will go to bed easy tonight or that he won't make a scene when we are out to eat. In this, I am talking about prayer that has forever changed my life. What was thought to be grim and unknown has turned out to be a true, true miracle. The first I have ever witnessed in my life and one that has changed me spiritually. Sweet Sabrina Lynn was thought to either not make it in this world or have complications that were unknown and a possible surgery. With SO much prayer from SO many people, she entered this world a healthy, beautiful, sweet little girl to two amazing parents that never gave up on her and are truly blessed to have her as their daughter. To be able to see prayer literally change a life is something that leaves me speechless. I look at prayer in a new light and am witness to it's power as are so many others that have been touched by this little girl. Sabrina was born one week ago tomorrow. We are blessed to have Sabrina in our life because she is the daughter of Chris' step-sister Jessica and her husband Brian. Thanks for reading...she is beautiful.


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