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At least he's honest

My converation with Landon this morning...
Landon: " mommy. I colored on the laundry room floor"
me: " we don't color on the laundry room floor"
landon covering his ears: " don't go in the laundry room"
with a wet wash cloth and thankful that it was pencil... Landon did a god job cleaning up his " artwork".

this past month

this past month has been a roller questions asked. i thought i would update on the kiddos. Landon is doing great and is growing up so fast in more than just his height and weight. i wish i could write down everything he says, but i think that would require my writing a novel. my sister-in-law said it perfectly the other day, landon is so "matter of fact". most everything he says is said in that manner, which makes what he says all that more entertaining and hilarious. More and more people have been commenting on how much alexa looks like her brother, but i have yet to really see that. the interesting thing about that is, it's usually strangers that make that comparison. chris, mark and i think she has her own look and really doesn't look much like landon. next post, i will put up some pictures of landon at six months and alexa at six months. six months? is it possible that she is already six months? this is true. she had her doctor's appointment to c…
ten years ago, i sang in the wedding of two people who couldn't have been more in love. it was rare to spend time with one and not the other and never was there a conversation that didn't include both. not a moment went by, when spending time with june, that i didn't feel loved or appreciated. never did i ever feel that her love was conditional and i have yet to find anyone who did. over and over these words ring true..."she always had a smile on her face, no matter the circumstance"..."always looked on the bright side"..."was always positive and so happy". there are too many memories to share and if you knew june you too, i'm sure, have too many to count. a week ago tomorrow, june passed away at home with those who loved her dearly and will miss her to no end. we love you june and are ALL better people to have had you in our lives. you are one of the strongest people I have ever known and my life is changed because of you. I...we will alw…
There are many things that I have to remind, teach, or tell Landon daily to do. To eat what's left on his plate, to put his shoes back in his basket in his room, put his books back on the shelf, brush his teeth. To make sure when he's at school, to listen to his teacher and share with his friends. But there is something that comes so natural to Landon that is blows me away. The love and compassion he has for others at such a young age amazes me and is something that others notice often. His concern for others is something that has touched me and reminds me of what unconditional love is.

When we pray at night, we go through everyone in our family. We thank and pray for each one of them. Every now and then, out of no where, Landon will pray for someone that isn't in rehearsed list or that we don't see that often or that we haven't even talked about. I truly believe that he thinks of others in a deep way.

When Landon calls Mark on the phone, he would talk to "pap…