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8 Months

Milly and Lily Taking a break.

Milly and Lily wrestling around.

Climbing through the tunnel...peek-a-boo

Swinging for the first time and loving it!

Let's see. There hasn't been too much going on since our trip to Colorado. Landon is becoming more and more mobile and REALLY testing our limits. We have baby-proofed as much as possible and finally gave Landon a little playroom in the basement all to himself and there is NOTHING he can get into that he shouldn't. He is working on his 7th tooth. Teething, as I'm sure most of you know, isn't too much fun; for Chris or Landon. The poor guys doesn't get a break. He LOVES bubbles. I will have to post a video of him with bubbles because he gets so excited. I would post one now, but we are out of bubbles because I forgot t…

Colorado Vacation

Well. We just got back from a great week in Colorado visiting Dad, Liz, Conner and Madison. We drove. I know what you're thinking, how could we drive with a 7 1/2 months old in the car? Didn't we go crazy? The answer, not really. We left in the evening so Landon could sleep most of the drive. He slept about 13 of the 17 hours it took us to get to Colorado and 13 of the 17 hours to get back to Indiana. He was perfect. He woke up when we stopped to get gas because they are so well lit, but he fell right back to sleep once the car started rolling. The last hour, both there and back, were the roughest for Landon, but for Chris and I as well. I thought we were going to regret driving, but it went really well. Conner and Madison seemed to really enjoy Landon's company as he enjoyed theirs. Grandpa Bill took lots of pictures to capture our visit as well as the little monster trying to climb on everything. We went into Estes Park, we went bowling (all I'm going to say is Madis…