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This past weekend, we went to visit a good friend of ours Mr. Ben Howard and his new and beautiful wife Molly. Chris has known been for years and he was in our wedding five years ago and Chris was in his wedding this past spring. Needless to say, we just LOVE the Howards. Whenever they come into town, they make a point to call and try and get together which means so much to us. We have said several times that we would go out to see them in Pittsburg. Well...we finally made the trip. It was a six hour drive and it couldn't have gone any better. The kids were great both there and back. We got there Saturday and left Sunday, but we were busy the entire time. The Howards have a cute little dog "Dallas" who Landon loved so much. We were able to experience an incline and see the city, we carved pumpkins, we went to the Pittsburg Zoo Boo and ate a yummy sandwich with french fries and cole slaw right on the sandwich, and I can't remember what it's called, but it was yumm…

Fall Leaves:)

Today, we went to my mom's for a little fun on her playground that she has for the kids. She also has several mature trees in her yard which means lots of fun leaves to play in. I went into the garage and grabbed a rake and started a pile. Next thing you know, Landon know just what to do and jumps in the pile. It was so much fun to watch him in the leaves. One of my most favorite childhood memories was the fall and all the leaves. We used to make leave houses and make a sort of blueprint of a house out of the leaves. We would make the outline of the rooms with the leaves and play for hours. My mom still lives in the same house that I grew up in, so it's so fun to watch my kids have the fun I did when I was growing up. Here are a couple pictures. Alexa even got in the leaves and she LOVED it. She was slamming her hands up and down in the leaves in her lap like she does when she is splashing in the tub. So much fun! Enjoy.

Just some pics:)

Here are just some pictures of the kids. There is also a short video of Alexa:) Enjoy!


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8 months post

So...Alexa is offically 8 months old. She has had no problem reaching milestones mostly where she should. She was rolling over at about three months. She was sitting up at six months. She is doing a great job with food. I can give her cooked peas, carrots, and corn and she just chews away. She is eating puffs and cheerios just fine and we are even attempting a sippy cup. She is just growing up SO fast! As for being mobile, she has been on her knees and rocking for over a month and a half now. It's so funny because she will get on all fours, rock and rock and rock as if you think she will just take off crawling, but she just won't. Everyone that watches her rock says, "oh, just a couple more weeks and she will be crawling!". The only thing is, it's been more than "a couple weeks". I am determined that she is not going to crawl. She does move, don't get me wrong. Her strategy is to rock and rock and rock on all fours and then plop on her belly and sor…

Holy Sloppy Joe!

No, we did not talk about Sloppy Joes at church this morning. I made homemade sloppy joes for lunch today and we had the biggest buns, therefore, resulting in HUGE sandwiches. They were VERY yummy if I do say so myself. I had to take a picture, they were so big. I was so stuffed! But I couldn't post without a picture of the kids too. Hope everyone had a great weekend. We got pumpkins this weekend too, but I didn't get to take a picture of the kids with their pumpkins yet, so...I'll do that tomorrow!

Taking a poll

so unfortunately, there are some family members of mine that insist that Alexa looks like Winston Churchill (gag). I however, beg to differ. I think in no way does she even resemble the guy. First of all, there are no pictures of him smiling and he looks like an ol' grump. Alexa, has such a contagious smile, it's...well contagious and all you can do is smile back. it's even gotten to the point that they call her "winnie". So, just for fun, if you wanna call it that, i thought i would see if my blog readers agree with ME or my crazy family. So, vote and let's see what we find. (CONNER AND DAD, YOU MAY ONLY VOTE one TIME!!!!)
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Colorado Visit

For the past few weeks, I have had a daily conversation with Landon on WHEN we were going to visit Grandpa Bill in Colorado. He knew the important things like, he was going to be able to bring his very own backpack, there were elevators to go up and down and possibly even a underground train. There were going to be lots of people and lots of lines to wait in. The most important part of getting TO grandpa Bill was the plane ride itself. Landon would wake up every morning and ask me if "today" was the day we were going to see grandp Bill. (Janelle went with us) and everytime Janelle would come over, he thought at the moment surely we were going to Colorado. FINALLY the day came, last Thursday, and we made our way to the airport to begin our trip to Colorado. Landon was so excited and did a great job of the long walks throught the airport...that is until we got to security. I had tried to prepare him step by step over the two prior days about the things we would see at the airp…