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Our picture form

Our summer kicked off with Quinton's first birthday! Still can't believe that it's possible that our little guy is a Year old! He is walking everywhere and is into everything. He also LOVES doing whatever his big brother and sister do; this is both cute to watch but a future problem in the making. Another eventful memory of this summer was Quin finally got tubes! I'm sure yo can probably tell the pictures from that day. He is the most joyful baby and the other four of us in the family, can't wait to greet him whenever we leave him for a short time. He is gaining a personality that we have all fallen in love with! Here are some pictures of his party and some pictures of Quinton from this summer. Make a video - it's fun, easy and free!
Alexa is doing really well. She has her days where she is still very much frustrated and irritated but for the most part, she is a very sweet little girl. She still carries that stigma of a princess/diva but…