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VERY quick recap...

So I was trying to decide how I was going to play catch up after slacking for so many months. Where I would like to go back to each and every month, that just doesn't seem realistic for two reasons; it would take me a really long time (and time I don't have a ton of) and Chris is in Germany right now and when the kids go to bed, I GO TO BED. (except for right now because I am trying to catch my BlogSpot up!) Anywho...what I decided to do was to update in sections based on each of the kids and then Chris and I. Here goes nothing! Landon: My sweet growing boy is now halfway through first grade and I just can not believe it. He has come so far from the beginning of his school career and we are so proud of him. He has his days and weeks even when his anxiety seems to take over but for the most part, he is thriving and full of confidence (most of the time). He has tried our for plays and battle of the bands at school, he LOVES soccer and is currently playing basketball. He is a…

Loooooong Over Due~

well, it's no surprise that I have slacked on our family's webpage. i can't help but keep thinking that i really need to get back to it. it's something that is a sort of therapy for me. i have not posted since JUNE! and boy do we have a lot to catch up on. but i am going to attempt to collect the best pictures from the past several months and do my best to update and keep updating on a regular basis. stay tuned!