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So I was trying to decide how I was going to play catch up after slacking for so many months. Where I would like to go back to each and every month, that just doesn't seem realistic for two reasons; it would take me a really long time (and time I don't have a ton of) and Chris is in Germany right now and when the kids go to bed, I GO TO BED. (except for right now because I am trying to catch my BlogSpot up!) Anywho...what I decided to do was to update in sections based on each of the kids and then Chris and I. Here goes nothing! Landon: My sweet growing boy is now halfway through first grade and I just can not believe it. He has come so far from the beginning of his school career and we are so proud of him. He has his days and weeks even when his anxiety seems to take over but for the most part, he is thriving and full of confidence (most of the time). He has tried our for plays and battle of the bands at school, he LOVES soccer and is currently playing basketball. He is a great big brother when he wants to be but gets overstimulated very easily and when he's done....he's done! He had a great summer but was ready to get back into the swing of things with school and ROUTINE. The kids thrives on routine and tries his best to control his every minute of everyday and he is learning that in life, you just can't do that all of the time. He is pretty hard on himself when it comes to school and academics. If it's not 100% then it's not good enough. For some that is a great way to get through life and thrive and I hope he finds the positive in that sort of attitude. However, I believe there is a fine line between striving to do your best and trying to be perfect all the time. That is something we are working on daily through school and activities that challenge him. We are planning to move in the VERY near future (stay tuned for that post) and Landon and Alexa will be going to public school for the first time. Don't ask me about it and don't talk to me about it because I am not ready and I am very nervous. Landon, as well is very nervous and has been asking questions, which is good, but is also showing signs of anxiety and I am trying my best to think really hard about the way to converse about this BIG change. Overall, the past several months for Landon have been some of the best and we are blessed with a silly, goofy, energetic little guy that never stops making us laugh. First day of First grade
Alexa: Where do I start? This girl is something else. She can be so sweet and caring when she wants to be and then the next minute, the most stubborn little thing you've ever met. She is loud, spunky, girly, artistic, and sensitive (with her own feelings anyway). To me she is so beautiful. She LOVES gymnastics and that is where I really see her shine and the most confident. I think the struggles we have with her currently are last of self esteem. Her behavior and mischief are a result of being the middle kid and not feeling a part of the group at times. Even though she is the only girl of the kiddos, I think she feels left out often and to get the attention she is lacking, she creates chaos. She has more strengths than she does weakness and is a very good student and friend at school and I am very proud of that. I have always said, as long as my kids have good character away from us, then I will deal with all the Sass at home! Ha! Alexa loves to draw and write and is eager to read and loves to create. I see her doing great things in her lifetime. I really do. She lives for affection and making people laugh. She is so silly!
Quin: Dear Lord, Quin. I text my Dad the other day and told him that I keep finding grey hairs on my head. I reached out to him to help figure out where they are coming from. I gave him three choices. I am either getting them from the Welty side of my family, the Stevens, or QUIN! We both agreed it was Quin. This little boy is so very sweet and sour and you can't help but love him to pieces. He makes everyone laugh or smile all the time everywhere we go no matter if it's because he is a joy to be around or the simple fact that he is most likely getting into trouble! And I love it! He is a little sneak who already knows how to fib but boy does he give the best hugs. He is also REALLY good at trying to get out of trouble by being funny in the moment by trying to make me crack when I'm upset. The positive to that is when I am down, the boy sure knows how to pick me back up. I have said it before and I will say it again, I don't know what our family would be like without our Quin in it. This boy seems to always have little things going on. He always seems to have some minor injury or even some that get him a trip to the doctor or the ER. Our next adventure is on Monday he will be having "the works" done. He will have his tonsils and adenoids removed and a second set of ear tubes put in. We will be staying overnight so they can monitor his 02 levels. If everything goes well, we will be home Tuesday. I am really nervous but have decided that the plus side to staying in the hospital is that the staff can manage his pain and I can be....Mom. If I had a dollar for the one liners that this child has, I would seriously be rich. If I have five dollars for the phrases that come out of my mouth in reference to the things this child does...well, I need not explain. We all in our own way, adore our Quiny.
Here are a few pics of all three kids:


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