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eLEvEn MoNtHs

I just can't believe that here in just a few short weeks, Landon will be turning one. Unbelievable. As for the past few weeks, we have just been absorbing all the new things that Landon has mastered...well, maybe not mastered but rather, attempted. Landon can now say "uh-oh". He does this so well, that it has become a little game. He likes to throw things just so he can say "uh-oh" or hear Chris or I say it. He recieved his very first pair of shoes. Yes, he has worn shoes before now, but there are his first pair of "big-boy walking shoes". He is still trying to get used to walking in them, but he practices. He is not walking all the time, he is still learning and working up the courage. He practices a little everyday. He has learned to clap his hands. Of course Chris and I have been clapping our hands at every "amazing" new step he reaches; I mean of course EVERYTHING he does is "amazing". He just decided the other day that if he p…