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our little pioneer...or a tribute to Grandpa Bill

Tonight we did take Landon trick or treating and he had such a good time. He said "trick or treat" at every house and walked like a pro. It was much more fun this year than last because we had been talking about Halloween for a week or so now and he had been really looking forward to it. This year, Landon was a cowboy on a horse, but with the one and only hat that we could find in any store, he sort of looked like a little pioneer; cute nontheless. The mustache came with the hat and we couldn't help but think Landon looked like my dad (Grandpa Bill). Pretty hilarious! Love you Dad. Enjoy the pictures! There are a few extra that we couldn't help taking after trick or treating ended.

Lov'n October!

As the season is changing, so is my belly and our wild lil' man Landon! I am 23 weeks along, excited, emotional, and glum about the horrible insomnia that I have experienced this pregnancy. If only there was a cure for the many trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night accompanied by the theme song to "Elmo's world" that runs through my head as I lay in bed so tired and wishing that I could fall back asleep only to find that it's only midnight and I still have several hours left to lay in bed and wait for Landon to wake up at 6:00 in the morning to tell us that he is "up" and "wake" and that he needs a "new diaper" and isn't really up to going back to sleep. I know I am only being prepared for when the new baby comes and there will be very little sleep, but...I am exhausted! Not to mention the heartburn that comes no matter when I eat, I think I even get it when I breath. that my rant is over and my run-on sente…