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Willie Nelson

Funny Story:
Tonight for dinner we went to Texas Roadhouse. Been there many times, but never been seated in "the willie nelson corner". The corner was literally a shrine to the guy. Pictures all around us. The table was even decorated in a collage of photos and guitar pics. Landon ate so much after a while, we thought maybe he was going to get sick because he just wasn't acting right. Chris noticed that he kept moving his chicken finger basket. Chris would move it back to where it was and then Landon would move it back to where he wanted it. Chris asked Landon what was wrong. We thought maybe he ate too much. We realized that there was a particular picture of 'Ol willie that Landon really didn't like. He was moving his chicken finger basket over the picture so he didn't have to see it. Willie's eyes were very dark and creepy in the picture. Chris asked him if he was scared of Willie. Landon's eyes welled up with tears and his little bottom lip started …
Friday, Landon and I went to the Eagle Creek Airport that mostly private planes fly out of. We sat in the parking lot for about 45 minutes. When we had first arrived, a helicopter had just landed. We also watched some other private plans take off. After bit, Landon just wanted to watch the helicopter. Nothing real exciting was happening other than it was getting fueled up. After a bit, the pilot of the helicopter came over to the fence just in front of where we were parked. I noticed he was trying to get my attention. I got out of the car and he asked if Landon wanted to go check out his helicopter. Of course! He unlocked the gate and let us in the "Authorized persons only" sign...pretty special! Landon was really shy and wanted me to hold him and I did. The pilot was so kind and so nice. He opened all the doors and showed us everything. It was a life-line helicopter from one of the local hospitals getting refuled from a busy day. They just so happen to get their fuel at the…

my grandmother

spirit. when one hears that word, they might think of a football game. or think of someone spunky.
tonight. for the first time in close to a year, i visited my mamaw. she has been standing up against alzheimers for many, many years. she has progressed very, very slowly and we've watched her life transition in ways that have been very challenging. After watching her change so much over the past few years, it's sometimes hard to see the positive. i was reminded tonight that we all are born with a spirit. we are each handed life and with that we are to find our direction and path and our spirit strengthens us. with not much left with my grandma's life, her spirit is very much alive. she still has a look in her eyes that reminds you that her heart remembers who you are. it's almost as if, when she looks at you, love rushes through her. i told her that she looked pretty in the pink shirt she was wearing. i told her that i loved her. i just simply said, "hi mamaw"…

Big, Big Boy!

So, I think Landon grew up over this past week and I've missed out on something. He has been a bit challenging in some ways, but in the past couple of days, I don't know what happened. My friend Emily and I went to the Children's Museum on Thursday and Landon had a great time. I on the other hand, lost Landon for a brief five minutes or so in the house of mirrors which exits to the many ramps of the museum. Not to mention it was field trip day and there were SO many kids there. I did, however, find him in a tree house. Go figure. I got a few pictures, but not too many as I was trying my best to keep Alexa happy and not lose Landon in the crowd of what seemed like 15 other women calling "Landon". Maybe next time will go a bit better.

We signed Landon up for Preschool on Friday and he starts on Tuesday of this coming week. I am really looking forward to him growing and learning with kids his own age. It's something that we have wanted for a while and are able t…

Our weekend

Our weekend couldn't have come any faster. Me, Landon and Alexa all were glad to have Chris here for the weekend and not just see him for a short time in the evenings. And I think Chris was just as happy. We were supposed to do some car shopping, but thought we would spend the weekend together instead of with salesmen. Saturday, we went to Eagle Creek with Jason, Sarah, and Isabelle to let the kids play together at the park. They had a great time and we were glad to enjoy the nice weather. Mason, our nephew, had his very last basketball game of the season. Bless his team's little hearts because they had a great time, but didn't win a single game all season. They came close a few times, but fell short. Next on the list for Mason, baseball. We hear he has a good arm! As for the rest of the weekend. The girls went to a candle party and the boys hung out at Papaw's house. I did get to spend a little bit of time with our niece Sabrina...beautiful!
As a side note: I did try …

just some pictures

Don't have too much to post, just got some really good pictures this week of the kiddos. My sister and I went down to Bloomington yesterday to have lunch with Chris and to have Alexa meet her great-grandparents. It was a very nice visit and they both got a chance to love on her and hold her. Landon was very busy, so we didn't stay too long, but it was a great visit. On the drive down to Bloomington, Landon made up a story about a "young man" that "fell off a horse and Bamm!". He told this same story over and over about 15 kidding. Really funny, but wonder where he comes up with some of the things he does. This morning when he got up, he told me that there was a dragon in a box and he heard it and it was loud. This week had been pretty hard on me and we are all trying to adjust to Chris' new job. I am so used to having him work from home, or having a VERY flexible schedule to only seeing him a couple hours a day. It's been hard, we know it…


Well, we are finally all moved in and unpacked, for the most part. Chris worked his tail off all weekend to break the house in and get everything done. Thanks to my mom and sister for helping unpack a bit and thanks to Chris dad and step-mom for watching Landon for an overnight. Chris did most everything all on his own and did a great job...exhausted, but it's all done. Friday, the day we moved, was CRAZY! Alexa was especially fussy and wouldn't allow me to do much to help Chris. Landon was pretty good for the most part, but was a bit upset to find that his bed had been taken to his "new house". He didn't want to talk about the "new house" and I think just didn't understand. Landon did have a great time helping to pack...or prevent us from packing rather. Landon had the best time with the boxes that we bought to pack everything up with. I was in the other room and came into the living room to find Landon making a "house for baby sisser". W…