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Happy Birthday Alexa!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Alexa who turned one today! We love you! It's been a rough year but one that has also blessed us because you became a part of our family. You were brought into our life at the perfect time to help us understand how precious and short life really is. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. We are honored and thrilled to watch you grow. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
(Thank you to Angela Vaughters for doing Alexa's one year pictures. They are great)

Wednesday's Words

Tonight, I tried to live in the moment as the day came to an end. It has been a stressful week with Chris gone to Denmark and an already energetic three year old on steroids. I have been more frustrated than I have pleased. I have said "stop that" more than I've said, "great job!". There are for sure clothes throwing up out of the laundry basket and the dishwasher could have been emptied three days ago. But today, I said, "i love you" with every "leave your sister alone". Tonight, I put bubbles in the bath and read a couple extra books. And with the nightly request that I try to avoid, "mommy. can you lay with me for two seconds", I layed with him for fifteen minutes. Why not? Sometimes, nothing makes being a mom feel more right than the soft, sweet skin from lotion on my baby girl after a nice warm bath. Or the smell of bubble gum toothpaste as I lay with Landon for "two seconds". Nothing compares to a gentle hand rubbin…

To Chris...