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A bit behind

It's been a while, but things are still not settled with the house and not to mention we still haven't gotten everything unpacked from our vacation to Arizona. Which was amazing and I have lots of pictures to share. Until I really have the time and all the pictures to post (ehhh hemm...Mark) I will share these pictures with you. Things are going really well for the most part. We are on day number two with no pacifier for Alexa and she has only cried once at bedtime last night. She has quite the attitude and one that I am not used to. Yikes. I think perhaps it might have something to do with defending herself with Landon 90% of the time that the other 10% of her energy is spent defending herself from everyone else when she doesn't need to, she just thinks she does. She is a sweet and funny girl, but I do fear the next couple years. I am really just ready for her to understand rules and how things "go" in our family as far as expectations. It's much different t…

Too Long!

WOW! It's been a while huh? Sorry about that. I will do my best to keep this blog as short as I can, which will not meet the definition of short by any means, but I will spare you each and every detail. For those of you who may not know, Chris and I sold the condo, finally, and quickly had to find a house. We found a house after only looking two days. We made an offer and moved out and moved in very quickly. We had almost all the floors in our new house replaced and all the walls painted. This with a very slow contractor and two little kids running around made for one stressed mama. Not to mention that Chris went out of town the day after we moved in. There was so much stress involved and I wouldn't want to re-live it, but was reminded there are more important things in life and people going through way more than we did in this whole transition. The very day that I just thought I couldn't take anymore, I was reminded that my "problems" really weren't worth co…