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Today I had another doctor's appointment and the whole family went. I wasn't too sure that Landon would even go into the small room with Chris and I because he thought he was there for something "scary". I had to convince him that it was for mommy, but in a way, that didn't help because he thought something bad was going to happen to me. I think from this point on I might either get someone to watch him or schedule my appointments when I know Chris will be home from work. As soon as I got on the table for her to check the heartbeat, he said, "no. mommy. no. mommy" I had to tell him that it wasn't going to hurt me. Before we went I told him that we were going to the doctor to hear the baby in my tummy and I tried to make the sound of what the heartbeat would sound like. When we got to the doctor and we calmed him down, he sat next to Chris and I layed down on the table and he said, "doing?" Asking, what the nurse was doing? And I told him t…

9 weeks

Well, I am offically 9 weeks pregnant and feeling it 100% in more ways than one. I have been more sick than I was with Landon and I am miserable. Chris has been amazing and I couldn't ask more of him. I went to the doctor on Monday hoping for some medicine for my intense nausea, but instead got ginger flavored suckers. That didn't cut it because I've never felt worse. I have lost about 6 pounds from lack of eating and getting sick. It will all be worth it and I wouldn't trade it for the world, but I'm not going to lie, it's really difficult. I just hope that it only lasts a few more weeks, or less would be great. Landon has really been a trooper and has been great. When I am resting on the couch though, he likes to climb on me and squeeze my cheeks and just be silly and lately, I have had to tell him to "be careful, you might hurt the baby" and I point to my tummy. I can really tell I am growing and it's really uncomfortable when he climbs on me w…


Here are a few videos that I have taken over the past few weeks and finally are being posted. Enjoy!

Enjoying a bowl of cereal

Do you think he likes pickles?

Playing with his elephant sprinkler

Just a little chit-chat

One more makes a family of four!

That's right. Chris and I found out a few weeks ago that we are expecting our second little one around mid February. We are very excited! There are still a few of you out there that I wish I could tell other than on our blogspot, but this is the best way for me right now. I have been feeling REALLY crummy and I just can't kick the all day morning sickness. I just wish there was something that I could eat or take and it would give me a break. I know it will be worth it, but it's much more difficult being sick and watching after a toddler. Thank goodness I have the most amazing husband in the world that has really taken on both roles as mom and dad and give me a break when I need one. We couldn't be happier with idea of having two. We are really pushing these milestones and Landon is taking them VERY well! Now, if ice cream cured morning sickness...I would be in good shape (well, not physically and then again maybe that's why it doesn't help). Hope you all enjoye…