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New set of teeth!

Well...not exactly, but it's all in fun. Chris found these silly teeth at the store the other day and we couldn't resist and Landon was willing and able. We tried to get a family picture but Landon wasn't in the mood. We did get a few of him by himself and there is an extra pic of Landon in a hat that I had to post because his dimples are too cute. Enjoy. Hope you had a good weekend!

"i yuh you"

This is the first weekend in about three months that we have been in Fort Wayne and I have to say, it feels pretty nice to just be home. This time at home has really given me the time to reflect and spend quality time with Chris and mostly Landon. He is just growing and changing so much. He is really trying to talk more and words that he needed some practice on, he is figuring out on his own how to say them correctly. There are a couple milestones that we are approaching quickly and that we are excited about; potty training and transition to the toddler bed. Potty training will come at least after his second birthday which is in November, but he has been showing signs that he is interested, so if it comes before he's two, I won't complain. The toddler bed. Something I wasn't sure I had the patience for, but Landon proved me wrong. It really hasn't been too bad. He has had a toddler bed in is room for about a month now, but he just wasn't ready. The reason we are pu…

"I big boy"

"I big boy"...The magice words of our sweet Landon hold so true in these pictures. A couple weeks ago, Landon and his beautiful cousin Isabelle, got their pictures taken. I needed to get Landon's 18th month pictures taken...I only had four days to make it officially 18 month pictures because 19 months was approaching quickly. We had them done at Target and since the Target here in Fort Wayne doesn't have a portrait studio, we had them done in Indy. I thought it would be nice to have Landon and Isabelle's pictures taken together while we were in town. So, we did. We weren't too sure how Isabelle would do and we thought Landon might do alright. Well, sweet Isabelle showed us. I think because she gets her pictures done so often, she is a pro. We had to encourage Landon to stop crying and calm down by having Isabelle take a few pictures by herself. Boy, does she know how to shine. She just sat straight up all by herself and smiled the sweetest smiles. Landon on t…

Chips and Salsa!

Chris and I love to hear Landon when he copies what we say and this happens often. Something we do in our house to get Landon excited about something that he might not normally get excited about, is do a sort of sports chant. For example, when it's time to take a shower and he's not in a mood that we think might go smoothly, we say "show-er, show-er, show-er" (still following me?) another example is "swim-ming, swim-ing, swim-ing". Well, the other day, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. On our way, we say "Landon are you ready for some chips and salsa?" and he gets a big smile on his face. When we pulled up to the restaurant, we see Landon in the back seat, pounding his arm in the air, saying "Sals-a, sals-a, sals-a". It was the funniest thing. We didn't even have to encourage him in any way. I wish I had it on video. He is so funny and we are having the best time with him. I just thought I would share this story with you al…

Back In Action

Well, it's been a while. Us Mobley's have been going through alot of changes lately. On May 17th, we regret to say, lost Chris' grandmother at the age of 81. She is very missed but now free from pain. Chris was with her when she passed and we placed her with Chris' mom at Washington Park North Cemetery in Indianapolis. There is much still that is to be done and seeing that we've not done this before, it's been very challenging. We have been in Indianapolis so much lately that we had our neighbors keep watch over our house because we were there so little the past two months or so. We are getting back into the swing of things and are now in Fort Wayne but will be in Indianapolis the next few weekends to catch up on things with Chris' grandma's condo and such. On a lighter note, Landon has been enjoying his summer so far. I don't have any pictures yet, but will soon ( I know I keep saying that, but I've had no time to get them developed or uploaded…