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Happy Birthday To Me!

November 17th, Landon celebrated his first birthday. What a big man! We had so much fun watching him on Saturday. We had a small party for him here in Fort Wayne. On Friday the 16th, my good friend Emily and her Husband and son Ethan came up to help me prepare and give the boys a chance to play together. Ethan is 3 months older than Landon, so you can imagine how busy our house was on Friday. They had a blast and Landon slept very well on Saturday, his birthday. So well, in fact that he slept in until 9:00 and then took a nap from 10:00-12:00. We had to wake him up because the guests for his party had arrived and the party was to start at 12:00. He came downstairs from his nap and to his surprise, more than just Ethan was waiting for him. He was a little shy at first and then the party began. We had lunch and then his cake. He wasn't too interested in getting messy, but Ethan soon followed and showed him how it was done. Two hands to the mouth. But Landon used a spoon and decided …

catch up

I usually only post once a month, but we've been up to so much, I need to catch up. Where do I begin? Landon is pretty much walking; I would say 90% of the time. When he falls down, he can't stand up on his own, so he crawls to something that he can pull himself up on. He is doing SO well. We went trick-or-treating on Halloween and it was pretty fun. We only went to a few houses, seeing that he is so young, but he got the hang of holding out his basket and understood that the person at the door would drop something in it. He seemed to think that he was to get ALL that was in the giver's basket, so with some encouragement, we were able to distract him and move on to the next house. Let's see, what else. Landon and I are taking a "mommy and me" swim class at the Y.M.C.A. Landon LOVES the water; takes after his daddy. I suppose you could consider it swim lessons. They teach the babies (6 months-2 years) to move their arms and kick their legs and jump off the sid…