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Congratulations Trevor!!!!!!!!

This weekend, our very dear friend Trevor graduated from Highschool. What a great day for someone so very special to us. We are so very proud of you Trevor and we are truly blessed to have you in our lives. We love you very much!

While we were visiting Trevor in Bloomington, we of course made a trip to my grandparents house to visit with them for a bit. Alexa has been working very hard all week at trying to roll over. She seems to keep getting either one of her arms (depending which way she rolls) in the way. She finally got it out from under her and roll all the way over. Very exciting! I think she rolled over a month sooner than Landon did. I think she is going to be one determined little girl....not always a bad thing:)

While we were at Trevor's celebrating, Trevor got a couple "super soakers" as a gift and a certain someone was VERY interested and was able to "borrow" one.

A little Chef and a precious ballerina

"A little chef"
I know I've already posted this week, but I just couldn't help myself. To go along with his Elmo kitchen, Landon now has a Chef's outfit and let me tell you, it has really brought the cook out in him. It makes using his Elmo kitchen all the more fun! He looks like a true chef. He loves the outfit so much, that he took a nap in it. Here are some fun pictures in his new gear and us making cookies with his new kit.

"A precious Ballerina"
I had Alexa's four month pictures done a bit early so that they would be back by the time she was actually four months. I can't even believe that she is that old already. She is so full of smiles and we got some really good pictures. I got them done at Target so I need to put that on here because I'm not sure I am supposed to post them, but...They were done by Target's Smile Station which is owned by LifeTouch. Hope that keeps me safe. Enjoy!

Family Weekend.

This weekend was so nice. We were able to have Chris all to ourselves from Friday thru Monday. There was alot of playing and relaxing and we had a great time together. I really just have some pictures to share, which I think most people check our website out for the pictures anyhow. I do have another pretty good story about no other than Landon. We were playing quietly out in the playroom while Alexa was taking a nap. Landon has a little Noah's ark rocking chair and he is sitting in it and gets out and looks at it. He asks me, "mommy. did God get this for me?" I chuckled and said, "no, mamaw got it for you." He begins pacing around the chair, looking at the ground, thinking..."mommy. where is God?" This kid thinks so deep, I can't believe it. I looked at him, not really knowing how to explain such an abstract question to a two year old. "well...he's sort of in the sky." I honestly was so caught off guard, I didn't know what to sa…

"don't worry about it"

Sorry for the lack of posting. We've got so much going on right now in our families. Kids sure are a good distraction to moments that leave us feeling out of control. You can't help but smile, love and hug someone like a child who has no clue that there is any negative in the world...other than maybe not having fruit snacks before dinner or having to leave the park before they are ready to. I have found a new view of my life and my children over the past month and love them more than I thought I possibly could. Alexa is full of smiles and there isn't a day that goes by that Landon doesn't make me laugh with something he says. I could have a library of phrases that he comes up with on his own. Some I can't mention because they wouldn't be appropriate for the blog. He is such a hoot and it amazes Chris and I the things that interest him and the questions he asks. One story off the top of my head: The other day, Landon asked me, "mommy? Who got my blankie for…