Family Weekend.

This weekend was so nice. We were able to have Chris all to ourselves from Friday thru Monday. There was alot of playing and relaxing and we had a great time together. I really just have some pictures to share, which I think most people check our website out for the pictures anyhow. I do have another pretty good story about no other than Landon. We were playing quietly out in the playroom while Alexa was taking a nap. Landon has a little Noah's ark rocking chair and he is sitting in it and gets out and looks at it. He asks me, "mommy. did God get this for me?" I chuckled and said, "no, mamaw got it for you." He begins pacing around the chair, looking at the ground, thinking..."mommy. where is God?" This kid thinks so deep, I can't believe it. I looked at him, not really knowing how to explain such an abstract question to a two year old. "well...he's sort of in the sky." I honestly was so caught off guard, I didn't know what to say. Landon walks to the other side of the room to one of his toy baskets, picks up a cell-phone and says, "let me call Him." Clearly he questioned the whole God in the sky thing. "alright", I said. The conversation went like this.
Landon, "God? You up in the sky?"
pause...God speaking to Landon
Landon, "Oh!"
pause...God speaking to Landon
Landon, "Oh, yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah,"
pause...God speaking
Landon, "okay, bye".

He is just too funny and I love him and his deep thoughts and questions.

Enjoy the pictures. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Enjoying his favorite fruit...watermelon!

Alexa enjoying her daddy.

My mom was bunnysitting this weekend and Landon loved "Zaty". In one of the pictures, he is showing the rabbit Minnie Mouse.


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