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North Carolina

This past week, I went to North Carolina for one of my closest friends weddings. I don't believe that I have ever been to North Carolina. It was beautiful. We rented a beach house for the week and helped pull the wedding off. Chris and Landon were unable to was just a bit too expensive for all of us to go. It was really hard for me to leave Chris and Landon for the week, especially since I had not been away more than a night from Landon since he was born. The wedding went really well and it was beautiful and I will post some pictures. Chris and Landon had a good time together until Chris got sick and fainted and had his Dad pick him up and drive him and Landon down to Indy to take care of them. Thanks Mark and June! Then Landon got a double ear infection. Pretty stressful especially since I was out of town and couldn't help with anything. I was pretty homesick by the end of the weddding week. I was supposed to come home on Monday late afternoon but decided that I wante…

Little Red Wagon

Little Red Wagon, bright and sleek,
Racing down my sidewalk street,
A little horn that goes beep-beep,
Driving my Red Wagon

I drive my cart around a curve,
I see a bump and try to swerve,
I go too fast and lose my nerve,
Driving my Red Wagon

When I am big I'll drive a car,
I'll go real fast and drive it far,
But until then I'll ride my cart,
Driving my Red Wagon.

By: David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

One of my most favorite memories growing up was playing in my mom's childhood Radio Flyer. Rusty, metal and a squeeky sound that only that wagon could make; I wouldn't have had it any other way. For then, I might not remember it and it's personality. Last summer, my mom bought Landon his very first Radio Flyer Wagon. Bright red, four black wheels with a red center and a black handle for steering. Two seats that fold down with seat belts and cup how it's changed in it's physical appearance but somehow still holds it's magic. Landon's eyes light …

April Showers

April showers is the best way to explain the past few weeks and...well...the weather today. Chris' grandma is ill and trying to rehab but keeps having setbacks that just won't let her heal. Chris has been driving to Indianapolis about two to three times a week trying his best to make her comfortable. (side note: it's his mom's mother) We just wish her to be comfortable and at peace no matter where she is. Chris is balancing this and work and is doing an amazing job. I think in some ways, his job prepared him to be strong in this situation. Since his job requires him to travel, driving to Indy doesn't seem more than just driving to South Bend for work. He loves his grandmother and wouldn't have it any other way than to be there for her and make her comfortable. As for Landon, he has done a great job distracting Chris and I from all the stress we've endured lately. He is just so full of life and we are having the best time with him. I think he can feel that t…