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Life Sneaks

Sometimes life sneaks up on you. It's so easy to get in a routine, go through the motions and just barely get by when the end of the day meets you. As a mom of three young kids, I have found over the craziest of recent years, that I find myself often living for bedtime and counting down until my little humans are QUIET and ASLEEP. Not living in the moment with them and watching them as they grow. Don't get me wrong though, there are those times when I have a small reminder that they are growing and learning and changing everyday. It is in those moments that I flashback to when they were two and three years old and full of pure joy and excitement for anything life handed them. It's funny how time can seem to stand still yet at the same by. It's no question I have three very different kids. Landon is a mama's boy who is very in tune with other's emotions and feelings. He has always seemed to be an old soul and I have truly loved that about him and enj…