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Biggest Blue Eyes

First trip to the Indianapolis Zoo riding the Merry-Go-Round with Dad.

With a little help, Landon is on his hands and knees with a little rocking motion. Pretty cool. Soon, we will have a wild man on our hands.

Landon has become very vocal, as you will see.

Landon is doing well. He is getting some more teeth in, so he's not feeling too well. We took him to the Indianapolis Zoo, but I think next year might be a better time. I think Chris and I enjoyed it a bit more than Landon did. We got to pet some sharks in the new ocean's exhibit and that was cool. We tried to go to the Dolphin show, but that didn't work out too well because Landon was crying, and I mean really crying, so it was time to leave. We did ride the Merr-Go-Round and I think he enjoyed that; we rode on a dolphin that went up and down and it was funny to see that when the ride started, how big Landon's eyes got.
A fun little story:
Landon likes a song called "apples and bananas" and i…

Six months

Well. Here we are. I thought it would be a good idea to keep in touch over this "blog" website. I can put updated pictures and video to share with you all.
I guess I will start with our little Landon who is not so little anymore. He is six months and growing very quickly. He is 28 inches long (90 percentile) and 18 pounds (65 percentile). He is so much fun. He has his two bottom teeth and shows them off almost every second he can. He smiles constantly. Even when he is upset and crying, daddy can always make him smile. He is just starting to "belly laugh" and it's the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. I could listen to him laugh all day long. He is doing well with sitting up and is itching to crawl. He gets frustrated when he can't reach that toy that's right in front of him. We are eating baby food now and he is doing well with that; he's just really picky. He will only eat orange veggies but he loves fruit. I'm sure over time, his taste…